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What hurt the ferrari 333 sp at the 24 hours of lemans?

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  • What hurt the ferrari 333 sp at the 24 hours of lemans?

    What hurt the ferrari 333 sp at lemans? I've heard some people say it had too much downforce or drag?

    And i even heard that some of the teams that ran them there tried to do about as much as they could to get the downforce out but there was only so much they could do?

    What was their best year at lemans i've heard some people say 95 96 97 or 98?

    Didn't andy evans bring 1 or over to lemans 1 year and do halfway decent with 1 of them.

    I think he or 1 of his co drivers actually ran the car out of gas on the 1st pit stop and did not get his car back to the pits and so his race was ended.

    It was similar to the deal with frank biela in 03 or 04 except i think frank tried to get his car to the pits and missed the entrance and he tried to go for another lap but frank didn't make it back.

    Also didn't andy evans have someone for his ferraris didn't he have someone make special bodywork for the car for lemans which helped make his cars more competitive.

    If i remember right i think dick simon was associated with the andy evans ferrari team.

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    heres a great page with pics of the different types of bodywork for the 333sp.

    Click on the picture of the #71 car and you'll see the differences, low drag and higher downforce.

    I always loved the sight and sound(!!!) of those cars.


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