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What happened to the nissan and jaguars that ran in imsa in the late 80's early 90's?

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  • What happened to the nissan and jaguars that ran in imsa in the late 80's early 90's?

    What happened to the nissan's and jaguars that ran in imsa in the late 80's and early 90's? Did they run the full year in 1992 and did they pull out in 1993 and did they run any races in 1993?

    Or did they decide to pullout of the series because of how strong the toyota's were?

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    Some of the Nissan GTP cars are now in private hands. I've seen a couple, perhaps 3, at various vintage events. For most of their time in the series, Electromotive ran slightly modified versions of the Lola T810. At the end of the 80's, Nissan bought Electromotive and it became Nissan Performance Technology (Inc. or Int'l?). Nissan's financial situation worsened such that NPTI was disbanded in early '93.

    I got to see the car run at Columbus in '86 and '87. I would have seen it at Charlotte in '85, except that the crashed hulk was sitting on a rollback shortly before I got to the track. It was a VERY neat and quick car and unfortunately its success drew a lot of negative attention from IMSA. Over the years of it's competitive life, they kept fiddling with the minimum weight and boost levels to make it slower. Towards the end of its life it was competing on the basis of reliability and fuel mileage, rather than outright speed.

    During the competitive life of the cars, Electromotive sold them to Jim Busby's team. Dr. Moretti purchased the last of the series, the P35, from NPTI. I have seen the Lola version and one of the later versions before the P35 at various vintage events in recent years.

    I'm speculating, but I believe that Jaguar was forced out by the success of Dan Gurney's Eagle-Toyotas. However, note that this was following a very strong Jaguar run of success...


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      You can still see some of the awesome machines from the IMSA GTP glory days at several historic events.

      Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman (previously known as Brian Redman Historics) at Road America.

      The Historic Sports Car Racing group holds several events.

      Two of the 1992 Nissan GTP cars were for sale recently.


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        Didn't moretti's team run well with the nissan's at the 1993 24 hours of daytona and 1993 12 hours of sebring?


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          It seemed that after the day when one of them got totaled and another was seriously wrecked at Road Atlanta, Nissan sort of faded away. I saw both of those accidents, both on the very fast backstretch heading to the bridge. Wow. Chip Robinson dodged a bullet in that one. Sometime in the early '90s.

          Of course Davy Jones was tearing it up at the time with the XJR-14, which I believe utilized a lot of the contemporary F1 design.

          As a sad aside, the great man Bob Akin lost his life in one of the Nissan prototypes years later at an HSR event, again at Road Atlanta. Those GTP cars may not be current, but they're still wicked fast. A very compelling era of sportscar racing.


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