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Jason Workman (GrandAm driver) seriously injured in freak accident

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  • Jason Workman (GrandAm driver) seriously injured in freak accident

    Take a moment to pass on good wishes to this injured driver...

    Jason Workman remains in an induced coma
    Date 2008-02-29

    By Nancy Knapp Schilke - Motorsport.com

    Jason Workman loves his coaching jobs as he told this reporter last November: the talented ace driver simply enjoys racing. However, due to a freak accident, Workman is now fighting for his life at St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, Fla.

    On Tuesday, February 26, Workman was sitting alongside the driver he was coaching in a wind storm at the Moroso Motorsports Park in Jupiter, when a water barrel hurdled their way.

    Tom McDermott, the driver of the Ariel Atom 2, was grazed by the barrel before it hit Workman in the head. The two were transported to the hospital with Workman in grave condition with a severe head injury.

    He also sustained numerous broken bones in his upper body plus injuries to the rib cage but the medical team's priority was to stabilize Workman and run the needed CAT scan in order to determine the extent of his head injury. He was placed in an medically induced coma to lessen the swelling of the brain.

    Trak Motorsports, Inc., owners of the Ariel Atom confirmed that there were ten barrels used to anchor their trailer awning. Rob McDonald, spokesperson for the company said, "An extremely powerful burst of wind toppled the awning and a single barrel was launched into the air.

    "Jason was providing one-on-one instruction during the day. The barrel landed on top of him while in the car preparing to go on track for another session."

    McDermott, from nearby Ft. Lauderdale, was treated and released.

    Last November in Braselton, Ga., Workman was excited about his early Christmas present from V-Pack Motorsports. He joined the team for the 2008 Grand American Koni Challenge season, driving a BMW 330i in the Sport Touring class.

    "I am so excited that my 2008 season is coming together so quickly," said Workman. "I have driven for John Vincent and V-Pack Motorsport on occasion this past year and I'm happy to be a part of their competitive campaign for the upcoming season." With a season-long commitment in hand and having won two championships in the past, Workman is no stranger to the challenges of winning a championship and is ready to race for another."

    Many who are close to Workman, in and out of racing, are still stunned by this freak accident. This story was held for confirmation of what actually did hit him and McDermott which was released in an email to me by McDonald.

    When odd things happen that are beyond the normal racing incident, as being hit by a deer, one can accept that but those who are very close to Workman, truly feel that this was type of incident addresses safety issues at any racing facility. Wind storms do happen and things do fly in the air which can cause bodily harm, they hope that what happened will be addressed to prevent any future injuries to drivers, team members, spectators and others at any race venue.

    Workman's mother, family and friends have set-up a message center on his website: www.www.jasonworkman.com.

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    Prayers to the family.......freek accident...........

    "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
    " Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far....Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go "...T.S. Elliot....


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      'freak accident' is right.

      God have him and his family in His care and mercy.


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