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2016 Indy Radio Scanner Frequencies

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  • 2016 Indy Radio Scanner Frequencies

    I am heading to the St Pete race in my RV today for the next 5 days. For over a week now I have looked EVERYWHERE for the Race scanner Frequencies and can't find a thing. I would like to program my scanner before I go to the race, and not have to do it there as I will have better things to do once there.

    I would have thought I would find this much easier. This is my first scanner. Is this not something that is popular with fans? There are many sources for NASCAR frequencies, but nothing out there for INDY.

    Some threads I have seen suggest that there is a SPOTTERS GUIDE on the INDYCAR.COM site. I have looked everywhere with no luck.

    Does anyone have the 2016 Frequencies? I am not sure if they change from race to race as I am new to this.

    Worst case is I will have to go to the scanner booth when there and hope they have or will sell one. I will at least post them here once I get them incase some other poor sole is looking for them.

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    When you get to St Pete. go to the Racing Electronics Trailer. Depending on your scanner and if it is compatible they can program it for 10.00 or so. Otherwise they will have a list of the current frequencies you can buy.

    The key here is "current" since this is the new season their is no 2016 Frequencies list yet. Most teams freqs stay the same, some change and then when you add new teams and drivers to the mix it is impossible to have accurate list this early.


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      The Spotter Guide including frequencies is now on Go to the St. Petersburg page through the schedule links and there is a button to download the guide.


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          If you pm me your email, I can send you a list.


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