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Now Credentials, Hot Laps, etc for Champions Plus, not Champions

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  • Now Credentials, Hot Laps, etc for Champions Plus, not Champions

    The things that used to be available to Champions Members ($35/year) are now only available to Champions Plus members ($99/year)

    Opportunities to win exclusive at-track experiences such as:

      • Credentials
      • Hot Lap Rides
      • Two Seater Rides
      • Private Garage Tours
      • Press Conferences
      • Tours of Race Control
      • Guided Track Walks

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    Worse part is you can't even see the offers for the events if you are just a champion. As someone who doesn't live near Indianapolis and only attends one event per year, I'm not sure if I can justify the added cost. Especially since it doesn't sound like I am guaranteed anything for upgrading.


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      I agree, I'm in Kansas City now, and only get to Toronto when making the trip back home works into my schedule. I'd go to DesMoines for the Iowa Indy, but it's always the week before Toronto and if I have the choice, I'll choose Toronto every time. But I maybe get to one race a season and in Toronto I used to always get the Champions rewards stuff, because less Champions members at the Toronto race.


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        Hello everyone! I've not been here for ages. Please can I have some help and advice from the community!

        I live in the UK and have been to one Indycar weekend before (Duals in Detroit 2013). I'm travelling over this May for the GP and 500.

        I joined Indycarnation for 2013 and won a trip to race control, driver introductions, a photo with the winner and most amazingly a pit pass. I don't know if I was just lucky, or that because Detroit was the week after the 500 and all the usual Indycar nation members were having a week off from the track, hence fewer people entered the competitions making my odds of winning higher than usual!

        Now that I've seen there is 'Champion Plus' membership, which is identical to the 'Champion' membership I had in 2013. As I said, I'm just there for the GP and 500 so don't know whether I should go for 'Champion' membership or 'Champion Plus'. Essentially, would someone be able to explain what these things have been in the past:
        - Access to private events to meet drivers and other members at certain events
        - Access to Champion Member Lounge during the Month of May
        and does anyone have any thoughts or advice for me? It would be much appreciated!



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          I go to four races a year. I see no advantage to being "only" a "Champion" member. Getting ready to go to Long Beach. I had a hot lap there two years ago as a Champion member. I can't sign up for anything without paying the upgrade fee now. It's kind of like playing roulette, put down your money and hope your number comes up-and the house usually wins. I'll save my money next year. How many hats, raincoats, and lanyards do I need.


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