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TV ALERT: IRL PITPASS.....Today at 6pm(est) on espn2!!!

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  • TV ALERT: IRL PITPASS.....Today at 6pm(est) on espn2!!!

    The next "IRL PITPASS" show, will air on Thursday(feb. 21)on espn2, at 6:00pm(eastern). It will feature Scott Sharp and Team Kelly at last years race in Atlanta! It will follow the team from practice to qualifying then to raceday! Then at 6:30pm(eastern), RPM2night will air with the racing news of the day!(plug for JohnK )

    [ February 21, 2002: Message edited by: RacerX ]
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    Thanks man, I appreciate it.
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      That's why i'm here!
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        Thanks for the info...
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          One has to wonder how excited this year's sponsors are over seeing their investment profiled in last years colors.

          For example:

          Does a Red Bull exec send out a memo alerting employees to catch the episode highlighting the Excite effort of 2001?

          IMO Live quals would be a better deal no matter how boring some consider them.
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            I'd rather have the Pit Pass program PLUS the quals, but I enjoyed the last Pit Pass program quite a bit. The program delivered a detailed look at the behind-the-scenes preparation. It wasn't one of those fast-cut, all-style-and-no-content hype fests.

            It appears that what CART and the IRL are both doing with their supplementary programming is concentrating on serving the dedicated fans and helping to build new ones. Moving to the Speed channel may cost some exposure, but it better serves the dedicated fans.

            If that helps drive up the race day broadcast numbers, the sponsors will get their value. That's probably what the sponsors are most concerned about- the big, live show.

            Every bit of exposure helps, but there could be wisdom in a 'holistic', balanced approach, too.
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                Originally posted by Railbird:
                IMO Live quals would be a better deal no matter how boring some consider them.</STRONG>

                .....Amen, brother!! (no offense Rev.)
                ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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                  Don't forget!


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                    Thanks, racerX!


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                      Don't forget to watch the show today!

                      This is the last time i will "TOP" this thread. So i hope someone will "TOP" this thread a couple of times today, so it doesn't get lost! Thanks, X!

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                        Just a question but how hard would it have been to put together a series of shows based on this year?

                        The 1st could have covered the typical offseason stuff teams/league do (ie get new equipment/rules ready for the upcoming season).

                        The second could have followed a team at TTIW and then the next one could have followed a team in the 1st race with that format continuing throughout the year.

                        Would the timimg of the events be too short that you could not have put together a good program?

                        I am happy to have the program. I just wonder about showing something from last year not to mention at a track where the IRL no longer races.
                        If the league is not going to shift their stance on the fees I would imagine all of the ovals would start being replaced by "chamber of commerce financially supported" TV infomercials dressed up like a car race for different city centers across the USA.


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                            there was a lot of production value put into this show. there are numerous wireless mikes, radio transmissions, race tapes, field tapes, etc. these are not the types of shows like rpm2night that are put together in the matter of 8 hours. i have no idea how many hours of tape they shot, but let's assume it was a minimum of five hours a day, plus the race. you're looking at 15+hours of tape, plus multiple cameras. it has to be logged, the good stuff has to be picked out, then someone has to figure out how to put it all together to tell a complete story. then comes the editing, the addition of music. it's a very time consuming process and if as someone else suggested they did the program on the off season and ttiw. those shows wouldn't be ready until mid season. sit back and enjoy it. please.


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                              Don't worry, John, I will!!

                              It's actually pretty obvious that PitPass wasn't something thrown together in a few hours. The conversations between driver and team were fascinating; in the past, you used to see drivers gesticulating and wonder what they were saying. Now we know!!

                              Bravo to the folks at IMS Productions and ESPN for a first class production!
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                              RIP, Dan. You will always be one of my heroes.


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