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Thank you Airton Dare.

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  • Thank you Airton Dare.

    Man-o-man, as you all read of me today, I am really upset Donnie's been injured.

    After checking out RPM2Nite, (thanks for the great shows this week JohnK, enjoy the day off ) and listening to the excitement in Airton's voice, I know that that #14 has been blessed with some real spirit. That's what I love about Tex and the #14. Those boys got a fire in their bellies no matter what they are faced with. I know Donnie would be really proud of your candor and enthusiasm for the sport and good luck opportunities. A.J. can we have a third car? (Maybe the engine program needs a few props first) I am hoping you steer the 14 to the podeum in the morning. Watching 'Donnie' and 'Team Foyt' has been a passion of mine for years. Thank you and Good Luck!
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    I would probably be more offended if he were too jovial. The situation came about from a misfortune of Donnie;s, so Airton is somewhat put on the spot in that regard. Airton is a heck of a driver and he made the trip to homestead, not Las Vegas, to find a ride.
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      I only wish Airton the best of luck. The fact that he replaces a popular driver due to misfortune is not his fault and certainly not his choice of methods.

      It seems the Brazilian racing fraternity has plenty of drivers ready, able and willing to fill the gaps. We've watched this one before and he can certainly step up and do the job.

      Wishing Donnie a quick and complete recovery but in the mean time we hae a good race coming up.

      Go Sam and Penske teams.
      Go Sam and Penskes

      Jim Cluny


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