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  • Overkill

    I love reading these forums everyday and couple of times a day, but today has drove me nuts. The whole Kruseman thing has been overkilled today. Just what we need is for me to add another thread about the topic. I'm too lazy to look this up myself, but lets compare all these drivers in question on how much rear-engined experience they have:

    Cory Kruseman
    Jon Herb
    Anthony Lazzaro
    Hideki Noda
    Will Langhorne
    Vitor Meira
    John de Vries
    Ricky Treadway
    Dan Wheldon

    Don't quote me on this, but I think all these drivers have had some rear-engined experience before this season with the exception of Kruseman, de Vries, and maybe Lazzaro. I don't have these drivers bio's in front of me, but that is the impression I get. Treadway and Herb had raced some in the IRL before this season. Langhorne, Wheldon, Meira, and Noda raced in other rear-engined series. Like I said, don't quote me on any of this because I don't know for a fact about all this. Could lack of rear-engined experience be the main reason? Isn't that exactly what the IPS series was created for? I'm on the fence on this topic, but think the driver should drive some races in the IPS before driving in the IRL IF they have absolutely no rear-engined experience.

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    Hideki has extensive rear engine experience... he has a turbo-charger on his wallet!!!


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      Coach P, I'm glad you said you didn't look up bios because Lazarro has plenty of RE experience.
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        Originally posted by cmjc80:
        <STRONG>Coach P, I'm glad you said you didn't look up bios because Lazarro has plenty of RE experience. </STRONG>
        He was an Atlantic champ.
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          Hey I've race a go Kart, I got rear enging experience!

          How many of these guys have experience driving a car with more Horse Power than Cory?
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            How many of these guys have raced a car with 490# of weight behind them on a very slick track with most of it disapearing before the race is over. Now that kind of chassis change takes a cool headed driver to figure out how to drive!
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              Maybe those of you who are bothered by this should send a thread or two to the IRL.

              Make tomorrow a day to call their offices and send messages. It's only fair to have all of the facts before drawing conclusions. For all you know, Cory could have been involved in the decision.
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