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Satellite Motorsports Update

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  • Satellite Motorsports Update

    Our original business plan targeted the 2003 season. We understood the new engine and chassis requirements would make that the best year to begin. After we began to get all the pieces in place, we decided to try for 2002 since Jimmy was out of a ride. At different times we thought everything was set for this year. In December, our progress began regressing instead of progressing. Currently we have no sponsorship for the entire 2002 race season. Our focus has been adjusted into new phases. The first is working toward a run at Indy and on for this year.

    The second phase as also begun and that is the plan 2003 are on schedule, contacts made in an attempt to get 2002 rolling were interested but for 2003 and not 2002. Many times not getting a sponsorship has help us grow. We have been able to learn/grow, make some very strong business relationships and have not succumbed to putting a poor product out just to say we did. Our desire is even stronger than before to field a competitive team for many years to come. As the business climate improves, so does our ability to partner with a sponsorship company. I will keep everyone posted on our development. With the popularity of the IRL growing it only helps us out.

    IRL fans are the best, keep it up. As seen with different markets deciding to show the race instead basketball games, the fans opinions do matter. I hope our future marketing partners receives a ton of positive email and product support. Our approach is still marketing first. We continue to build on the marketing aspects of the IRL being an integral part of how companies interact and advertise. Pursuing a dream does not end with one season and we will persevere to make ours a reality. Thanks for you continued interest.

    Al Kennon

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    Thanks for the update, Al! Keep us posted and good luck!
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      I really do wish you well.
      Griz In Indy


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        Yes, thanks for the update.

        You keep working on sponsorship while we keep buying race tickets!

        Good luck!!!
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          Cool . I hope you guys and Jimmy get some of those deals set for next year. I also hope you guys get a deal for Indy, too. I'll be rootin'.
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            Good luck, thanks for the update!


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              Good to hear for you again Al. Get the right sponsor first, then go racing!!!! Smart business move...If you want to see what happens when you don't, well, just look at Zali.


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