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Chassis / Engine Modifications by Teams?

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  • Chassis / Engine Modifications by Teams?


    "Team Penske drivers will use their steering wheels and pedals from last year's CART car in their IRL machines. 'The car all around you is different (from last year), but the cockpit is similar' said two-time CART champ Gil de Ferran"

    We're all well aware of the infamous "Reynske" chassis... And now, what I'm wondering is, how far will the IRL allow the modifications to the approved chassis go?

    And, what type of mods will they allow?

    If I recall, last year they x'd a Penske mod early in the month that added some "winglets" to the tub... (Or am I imagining that?).


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    Tough crowd.


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      They are used to the displays on the Cart cars dashes and their positioning. It will also help with their version of traction control, The pedal issue is just one of comfort.
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        Seems like the new IRL Indycars are smaller than years past. I realize the chassis mods are in accordance with IRL specifications, however the dimensions/size resemble past Indy Lights cars.


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          The IRL cars are the same size as last years cars. The tub and suspension points are the same.
          I've got sources. I used to know a T-Shirt vendor at the Phoenix track.


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            Originally posted by Jimbo7:
            <STRONG>.....however the dimensions/size resemble past Indy Lights cars.</STRONG>
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              Now... will they be able to make any changes to the undertray to change the aero characteristics?

              I would think not, based on the desire to maintain the similarities in the cars.


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                No, you can't even change the wings!


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                  Originally posted by indymotors:
                  <STRONG>The IRL cars are the same size as last years cars. The tub and suspension points are the same.</STRONG>
                  Then it's just an optical illusion on my part. The short oval rear and front setups do make the cars look smaller. Nonetheless, the cars are awesome on any oval. Best paint schemes are still the Purex and Hollywood cars.


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