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Banning Racers from tracks

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  • Banning Racers from tracks

    The tirades below about short trackers are justified. I want someone in the know to give us e-mail addresses so we can flood Barnhart and others with input. The real fans want the short trackers. Cory Kruseman is especially qualified and since he has the team, the equipment, and has passed his rookie test, he should race. If they want to require a refresher, okay, let him run a short test. If he passes the refresher, let him in like anyone else. We do not have to make it easy for for the points leaders. If a guy is qualified, let him qualify. This is pure BS and if it isn't reversed, I'm with racewriter, I'll just go to Hanford, Madera, Altamont, et al and forget the TV and the VCR. Come on TG and company, I've blown your horn for you all over the internet, with every race fan I've talked to and even converted a few CART stalwarts. If you now want to turn the IRL into CART on Ovals, It's time for me pass. And like most people, I'll tell a heck of lot more people about it when I'm mad than when I'm happy. What about it, any e-mail addresses anyone??
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    Hey guys dont do this in secrecry let us know whats up.
    Just maybe a grass roots movement is called for in this situation?
    This sure bothers me a bunch,
    Not letting Cory in! It seems to go completly agaisnt what was stated as one of the changes from the other series.
    I sure would like to let them (IRL)know what I feel about this.
    I have been in their corner since the begining, Just because TG said we will try to make it easier for short trackers to get back in!
    Now this !
    This stinks, smells, if you didnt know any better you might think that penske influence just might be rearing its ugly head again IMHO.
    Dam havnt they learned anything by the history that has passed before them.
    After all it is the racers judgment to get him by the backmarkers, Has always been should always be! That does take talent after all. Leaving Cory out wont change that one bit, if these so called good drivers would have a problem with him as a rookie why were all the other rookies given a chance this year? What makes them think the good drivers will miss the rookies mistakes that are now allowed to run!!!??

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      Fantasies die hard.

      "IF the IRL raced like that other series, There would be no "IRL" by now"

      Guess what, the IRL IS "that other series".

      A grassroots movement make make a difference for this season (although I doubt it), but the die is cast.


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