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2001 Entrants Points --> Miami

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  • 2001 Entrants Points --> Miami

    If qualifying does not occur, they will
    line them up by entrant points. Based
    on what I found on the IRL webpage,
    here is the lineup:

    Pos - Team - Driver
    01 - Panther - Hornish
    02 - Hemelgarn - B. Lazier
    03 - Kelley #8 - Sharp
    04 - Boat - Boat (? - Changed owners?)
    05 - Foyt #14 - Beechler ? or Salazar?
    06 - Treadway - Treadway
    07 - Cheever - Cheever
    08 - Menard - J. Lazier
    09 - D&R - Buhl
    10 - Foyt #11 - Salazar or Beechler ?
    11 - Schmidt - Lazzaro
    12 - Kelley #7 - Unser Jr.
    13 - Cahill - McGhee
    14 - Zali - Roe
    15 - Penske #68 - Castroneves
    16 - PDM - Carlson
    17 - Penske #66 - De Ferran
    18 - Conquest - Redon
    19 - Racing Prof. - Herb
    20 - Ganassi - Ward

    Then, somehow they would have to insert the
    new teams behind those with 2001 points.

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    If this happens we are going to see some
    more interesting racing tomorrow as
    the Penske cars have to start mid-pack.
    I can't imagine the Roe would actually
    start 13th - I think with a 186 top
    speed he would be asked to goto the tail.
    Ricky Treadway would be starting towards
    the front.


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      Would Jeff Ward be higher up? I'd figure that Ganassi's Indy points would count.
      He kani 'ano 'e loa kela. Ua 'ai nui anei 'oe ma ke kakahiaka?


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        Those include Ganassi's Indy points.


        • #5
          Oops, my bad. He would be there with his points.
          He kani 'ano 'e loa kela. Ua 'ai nui anei 'oe ma ke kakahiaka?


          • #6
            I also should have added:

            21 - Cheever #52 - Schekter

            since, Scott Goodyear earned 1 pt. in the
            #52 car at Indy last year.

            I wonder how the Foyt points will be treated.
            One scenerio I could invision is that Foyt
            claims the #14 points for 14T and Beechler
            get a really good starting spot. OR, since
            it is the backup car and #14 was already
            claimed, then he has to goto the tail.


            • #7
              IMO that is a foolish way to determine the starting grid... what's wrong with lining the cars up by their combined practice speeds? that would make much more sense, wouldn't it?



              • #8
                The rest of the grid (owners without 2001 entrant points) would be lined up based on best practice speed.

                However, practice speed would not be a good way to line up the whole field. That would only encourage teams to push the envelope during practice if, for example, rain were forcast for qualifying. IMO, that would be overly dangerous.

                In Jan. 1998, the grid at WDWS was set based on owner points and then practice speed. Three teams were sent packing because the field was limited to 28, and their top practice speeds were slower than the other teams without 1996-97 entrant points.
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