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Thank you Camking

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  • Thank you Camking

    "Cheeverfan, do you need to call Salazar "Saladbar"?
    IMO, we could do without the name calling."

    I've been asking that for years on these forums...I usually get inane answers to the question...perhaps you'll get more intelligent answers than I have...again, I thank you for the question...

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    Thanks Again CamKing


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      Well, Dolan I was probably one of the ones that argued with you about it at speed net.

      Salazar used to call himself Greasy ol'Saladbar, so I figured it was OK. After watching speed net turn into the internets version of Hades , I changed my mind.

      I try to remember that even though we are among friends here, that this is a Public Forum, and I need to act accordingly.
      (yes,I know that I don't always do it )

      If I call AJ by a nickname when I'm talking to him, it's OK because I know he doesn't mind. I don't call him by that same name when I'm here, because I don't know if it upsets anybody here.

      [ March 01, 2002: Message edited by: CamKing ]
      "IRL" ... what IS that anyway?

      J. Michael Ringham
      Vice President, Marketing
      IndyCar® Series Indy Pro Series

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        Speednet is terrible.

        And that crockett guy is about the worst!

        And that is why I don't waste my time posting there...anymore.


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