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  • Chicago...

    OK...no link, but heard from Vince Welch (INDY WIBC) at 9 PM that Ray will drive for Sam Schmidt at Chi-town.


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    Greatest Spectacle in Racing :nod:

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    Scud Missile hits again

    This will put Sam Schmidt Racing out of Business


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      Originally posted by rokjr:
      <STRONG>Scud Missile hits again
      "W" should send Greg Ray to Iraq! Cheever could throw in Scheckter! Saladbar could also go! Saddam would surrender in minutes!
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        In Memory of Brian Hall (Brian's Wish) - Racing for Kids - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

        Cheever's still "My Guy"

        "How's this for a political platform? Don't lie or cover-up!"


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          oh noooooooooo!!!!


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            Quite interesting.

            If Greg Ray does really well, Ill be happy to see how the Greg Ray haters here will reply.


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              Originally posted by Dreyerfan:
              <STRONG>Quite interesting.

              If Greg Ray does really well, Ill be happy to see how the Greg Ray haters here will reply.</STRONG>
              Dreyerfan where have you been?, I am not a Greg Ray hater just going on his record, even you must admit that he has a poor record on bringing his race car back in the same condition as he started with,


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                I'm contemplating a bet on toldjaso that says Greg Ray will win another IRL race in the future.

                I hope he does well. He apparently likes his car set up in a fashion most people find, let's say, different. No one else, for example, could have driven the ash kicker, for example.

                I think with an infusion of testing, confidence, sponsorship, and a team that will set it up in his weird way, that he'll do well again without the annoying wall contact the children are so fond of chortling about here on the friendly forum.
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                  Greg needs to first bring the car home in one piece and second to have a decent finish for the remaining races. If he can do that at Chi and TMS then, IMO, he will still have a career as an IRL driver. If not then he could be finished.

                  Come on Greg, get your **** together and show us you still have what it takes.


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                    No where in this post has any one said anything about WALL CONTACT, This is the problem with the people on this Forum they read things into the different posts, Please let me know where anything was said about wall contact, all that is said in this post is backed by Greg Ray's record the past 2 years, Greg's problem started when he made the statement that from now on all decisions on set up will go thru me now that I am the oldest member of the team ( Team Menard )


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