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More CART drivers @ Indy?

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  • More CART drivers @ Indy?


    Sigma with Papis

    Add to that rumors of Fittipaldi with the Lilly deal. I guess we will see about Fittipaldi at this weekends sneak preview. If you want to barf, go to cart.com to look at the new paint job. Reminds me of a Coyne paint job.

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    The Sigma deal could very well happen, Max was all over the test at Fontana, and also was Cavin, often shoulder to shoulder with Robin Miller. It will be interesting to see Miller's spin on the test.


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      Actually the paint job on the #11 reminds me of the one he had at Walker Racing when they ran at Indy back in 1995.

      I think the colors come from the Flag of Brazil.

      I would almost think, blank side pods = no sponsor. Like a few at the IRL spring training.


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        Originally posted by indyracer56:
        <STRONG>I would almost think, blank side pods = no sponsor. Like a few at the IRL spring training.</STRONG>
        Yeah, but at least the Cheever car looks good. Someone was looped to paint it like that without a sponsor.


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          Could you translate that?


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            I've always had the impression that CARL HAAS will never ever be back to INDY. He would rather hang out with Forsythe.
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            A rampart is a bulwark!


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              Originally posted by mnkywrch:

              Could you translate that? </STRONG>
              Isn't that slang for drunk?

              Of course, for a Cart team it would have been from drinking too much wine with your cheese, you know!


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                There's a difference between Christian's car when he raced with Walker, and this one. Mainly that the Walker car looked awesome!

                The blank sidepods could mean a few things:
                1. The Lily deal isn't as done as folks were led to beleive
                2. The Lily deal is done, and they're not adding the decals until the announcement is made during Spring Training
                3. The Lily deal is done, and they're going to repaint the car when it debuts. (Remember the Tony Kanaan "Mo Speed" car before Hollywood was announced a couple of years ago?)

                I'm hoping its number 3, but I have a feeling it is one of the first two.


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                  My guess is that the colors are the colors that Lillydesignated the drug. And one part of the deal was that N/H must go to Indy, whether they like it or not.
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                    Dang, wish I could have gotten the rights to be the official knee pad supplier to CART. With all the crawling back to Indy that's going on, I would have made a fortune.
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