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OT - American Speed book........

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  • OT - American Speed book........

    Whoever posted here and said it was good, well, I took your advice and bought it.

    I really like it, there are some great pics. Especially the old old NASCAR pictures (Daytona on the beach, Petty flying a Rebel flag on the hood of his car after winning a race...)

    The section about Indy was pretty good. One sentence struck me funny. Something like: "The Indy 500 was the preimminent race up until the mid-90's when CART threw down the gauntlet."

    Still contemplating that line...

    Was hoping they would have some info about Frank Lockhart, but alas, no...

    But a good book all the same, so THANKS!
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    Wheldon is a legend now. One of the immortal Gods of Speed.

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    yah a little bit of revisionist history there eh?

    definate pro-cart bias and the guy still thinks dragsters run 250 but, overall there's some good stuff.

    glad you liked it that's what this net is all about.
    It's a brand new day.


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      Perhaps an even better book is Dave Argabright's "American Scene." Go to www.daveargabright.com and order it. And no, I am not working on commission.


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