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What happened to Scott Mayer?

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  • What happened to Scott Mayer?

    I thought "Oscar" was all set to race the final few races of the year for PDM.

    Maybe the IRL won't let just anybody with a license run in a IRL race (like Barnhart has been criticized for doing in the past).

    BTW, is Jon Herb out of money and equipment, or has he been "benched" by Barnhart?
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    Hopefully Mayer's check didn't clear. I really can't see any reason why the IRL should give this guy a chance.

    "Mr. Mayer, let us introduce you to the IPS."
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      Barnhardt and everyone else knew this guy was a joke probobly so they shut him down.

      Good thing too thats for sure.


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        Not all of Barnharts decisions are made public, for the good of everyone. That is not to say the guy might not show up but the rookie test is in two phases, the guy passed the first, the second is in traffic, with Barnhart, Big Al or Rutherford watching, just to be sure he is safe somewhere besides alone.

        As for Herb, who knows, the family may have pulled the plug, he may have used up all the cars in crashes or maybe he is just re-grouping for 2003. He started out in the Test in the West with spins and got worse, yet with a good team/chief mechanic he was very fast at Indy in 2001. I am glad he didn't hurt himself.


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          Herb laid off everyone around the first of August.

          I guess he couldn't manage his money.
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