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Scheckter to Newman/Haas???

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  • Scheckter to Newman/Haas???

    A friend of mine said that he heard on a talk radio show in Indy last night that Tomas spent the weekend with Newman/Haas and is being considered as DaMatta's replacement.

    Anyone else have any news on this???
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    Apparently, Mr. Haas himself denied that his team has had contact with Mr. Sheckter.

    But, heck, don't let that stand in the way of a fun rumor!
    Griz In Indy


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      Although several teams will talk to Thomas, I highly doubt that anyone will test him or hire him with the potential Cheever lawsuit hanging over their heads. Someone will have to pay Cheever/TWR some $ for Scheckter which probably won't happen with so many good drivers on the market.

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        boy, did we really need another reason to root against that team?


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          Paul Newman has to break out the check book just for the privilige of testing Tomas. Who knows, maybe they will pay up. Im sure thats all Eddie wnats out of this deal now.


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            DaMatta has stated the F1 ride for 2003 is not "dead" but that it is in a "coma" I read this to mean Haas has him under contract for 03 and Toyota has chosen to wait the year, rather than pay Carl big bingo bucks for a buy out. As for Tomas' future I think return to some form (Not F1) of Euro racing is his immediate future.
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              At least one site has him as a possible driver for Arrows F1 team at Spa. I don't find that too likely, but who knows.


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                EDDIE, SUE EVERYONE!!!
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                  If, as Eddie claims, Scheckter's contract is with TWR, I don't think Eddie has any right to sue anyone. TWR on the other hand .....
                  And Walkinshaw has shown no reluctance to head off to court in the past.


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                    Seems N/H will try anything to get rid of that Butt Ugly Lilly Paint scheme....including crashing every last one of them!

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                      Originally posted by

                      Seems N/H will try anything to get rid of that Butt Ugly Lilly Paint scheme....including crashing every last one of them!

                      "including crashing every last one of them!"

                      Bingo,,, that's funny...

                      Just let Hannibal,,, vaporize them,,, all them ugly car's,,, gone in a heart beat...
                      Yes,,, Yes,,, Tony,,,

                      Your Grandfather was a friend of Roger Penske,,,

                      Your Grandfather did business with Roger Penske,,, but

                      Your Grandfather never trusted Roger Penske,,,


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                        Toyota has two open seats next year. Both McNish and Salo are gone. I would be very surprised at this point if DaMatta got neither seat.



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