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Is this a CART of IRL forum?

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  • Is this a CART of IRL forum?

    Just wondering.
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        What was it Tony George said about all CART teams owners being potential IRL team owners?

        I think that's why you're confused. It's really not that hard if you stick around for a while.
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          If Greg Ray is the Tiger Woods of racing, does that make Tiger Woods the Donnie Beechler of golf?


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            Since CART's failure directly affects the prospects of the IRL, I don't see the two as mutually exclusive as some here do.

            Every CART failure increases the chances of the IRL adding ongoing, open-wheel teams/sponsors.
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              If you are referring to my post, it was about both the IRL and CART. Why someone likes the IRL more than other forms of racing is an IRL topic.

              However, the fact that is was about IRL and CART spelled doom. It wasn't all about the IRL, so rev-ed didn't want it. It wasn't all about CART, so Railbird didn't want it. Kind of like the bat in the old fable who wasn't wanted by the birds or the beasts...

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                Originally posted by starrcam:
                Yeah, h.

                What a glorious day. besides the wenesday nurse's dive club, there were only two guys on the boat, one of them from scotland, where they never see anything worth the effort in the north Sea, and a guy from Canada who dove the great lakes and froze his butt off every time. So they were giddy to be in the warm water and sunshine. Like the rest of the Scots I had ever met, this one had a wild sense of humor, so you may have already guessed we got along famously.

                All the scot wanted to see was an Eagle Ray, and we had a giant one swoop down on us in the middle of the first dive. The thing circled us for 20 minutes and he was magnificent. the Scot said he could die now because he had seen it all.

                Now all the Canadian cared about was seeing a Turtle, which is no big deal because the turtle mating grounds (a little wreck in 45 feet) was on the way back. we enjoyed the ride in and got our gear ready.
                And is WAS mating season.

                So about 30 minutes goes by and there are just no turtles. I was really disappointed for the guy and we searched every inch looking for the things.

                Now mating in the sea is tough because it is easy to float away from each other (not that I know from firsthand experience). The male usually hangs onto the female's neck with his beak and that keeps them from floating apart.

                So I am about ready to call it when a big green swims up behind my canadian friend. It goes for his neck and neatly slices through his high pressure air hose, sending 3000 pounds of bubbles spurting out in all directions. The turtle loses his mind (who can blame him) and runs square over me. He rolls me across the bottom like a log, bouncing me off a big head of fire coral, ripping off both of my fins and mask. and also, my air supply, which gets tangled behind my back.

                My two buddies are suitably freaked out, and with the one guy's hose cut, he has to shut it off and buddy breathe with the Scott. They had their own problems, so I was on my own. Meanwhile, I am lame, blind and unable to reach my air supply.

                And drowning.

                Thankfully the first thing I ever learned about scuba is you may die through no fault of you own, but you will die right now if you panic. I had to take my unit off to get my regulater back and air never tasted so sweet.

                We had a great laugh over it on the boat. Everyone got to see what they came for and it was a magnificent day. that is until the air hit the firecoral on my keyster and set it on fire. fortunately, there were six nurses on board to look after it, butit was not a proud moment.
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                  Originally posted by Doc Austin:
                  <STRONG>I had to take my unit off........</STRONG>
                  That sounds painful!!!


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                    Originally posted by indyracer56:

                    That sounds painful!!!

                    Oh, god, it is. We get tourists all the time who don't know what the stuff is and they roll around on it! I swear! you tell them to look out for the mustard colored rocks, but they are just drawn to it. It's a big ocean, just give it a little room!

                    The cells in firecoral are very similar to jelly fish, but much, much worse. You don't know about it underwater, but when the air hit is, it is like naplam. I thought my keyster was going to burst into flames!

                    PS; for those who haven't figured it out yet, "h" is my signal to tell a fish story.

                    [ August 27, 2002: Message edited by: Doc Austin ]
                    "Is that my *** that I smell burning?" ... Helmet Stogie from "Death spasms of the Mabuchi"


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                      What is this, a racing board, or a diving board?
                      "But another icy Indiana winter will come and go and before we know it, springtime returns and it will be May and the roar of engines will once again breathe life into the lazy Hoosier sky and bring us back together." -- Sid Collins


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                        Hey Doc. Since you are a diver, maybe you've heard of my old ship. It's called the Spiegel Grove...


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                          Originally posted by ZenMan:
                          <STRONG>What is this, a racing board, or a diving board? </STRONG>
                          a diving board would have alot more spring, but we really need a scuba forum.
                          "Is that my *** that I smell burning?" ... Helmet Stogie from "Death spasms of the Mabuchi"


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                            getting "BORED" from this guy seems to be it.
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                              Originally posted by CCFirebird:
                              <STRONG>Hey Doc. Since you are a diver, maybe you've heard of my old ship. It's called the Spiegel Grove...</STRONG>
                              where is it? most of my diving is in the Gulf, but I have seen some wiiiiiiild stuff out there.
                              "Is that my *** that I smell burning?" ... Helmet Stogie from "Death spasms of the Mabuchi"


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