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Crossover Testing Questions for 2003

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  • Crossover Testing Questions for 2003

    This was raised on 7th Gear and I thought it was actually a decent thread. The thought being that on Friday CART is expected to announce they are adopting the IRL specs for engines. Now, if they do the same with Chassis (aren't Reynard & Lola preparing to join the IRL in 2003) this would allow more teams to cross-over and run both series.
    The question rasied was:
    1. How would the IRL limit testing for these teams?
    2. Could Chip or Roger (if he does have a CART Team in 2003) use their "CART" tires or car for umlimited testing in preperation of Indy?
    3. How could the IRL Firestone/CART Bridgestone situation affect this?
    4. How is the IRL handling the Indy only teams currently?

    Hopefully the loop-holes can be avoided..

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    Tony George demands exclusivity agreements with engine and chassis suppliers, and justifies it with the paradox you have described.

    CART can find engines SIMILAR to IRL, and chassis SIMILAR to IRL, but to race at Indy, they will have to buy all new engine and chassis - from official IRL-only suppliers.

    This would/should end CART. IMS/IRL needs to seperate itself from the drowning victim, or it will pull them under as well (or at least hinder their development).
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