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IPS Night before the 500?

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  • IPS Night before the 500?

    This is what JohnK reported on RPM2Nite. Ed Carpenter ran 70 laps at the IRP oval this afternoon. They are testing for the possibility of adding the IPS to the Night Before the 500 card.

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    As long as they don't mess up a good midget race, I am all for it.

    I would prefer having races Thurs (IPS) and Saturday (midgets) at IRP with the Silver Crown race on Friday at the Fairgrounds.

    Even better would be putting the IPS with a Sprint car race at IRP on one of the previouls Saturday nights. This year, there was no racing in Indy on pole night or the next weekend (both the May SC and sprint races were not on the schedule this year). That would keep the midget race short on NB4 (we have to get up early on Sunday) and make a longer racing day on the earlier weekends (when Sunday AM doesn't come so early).

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