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    Man to Man is so unjust... there's no Man you can Trust.

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    FYI...We are appending the metadata (the info which descibes the photo) as we speak. By the time you have morning coffee, you can peruse more than 250 Test in the West images.

    And I am tellin' ya...they are AWESOME. Stay tuned. I'll post another link in the morning.

    [ February 07, 2002: Message edited by: ecat ]


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      Thanks, ecat!
      "Each day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this one day for it, and it alone, is life"
      ~ Sanskrit poem attributed to Kalidasa, "Salutation to the Dawn"

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        Originally posted by Turn13:
        <STRONG>Thanks, ecat! </STRONG>
        Hey no problem...we have created this for the fans and to protect those amazing images which many never have the opportunity to see. I would like nothing better than to say when I'm 80 "I helped to protect 80+ years of racing history..."

        A labor of love for sure...

        (now if I only didn't look 80 right now... ) LOL

        And a sidenote...thanks to all of you who have made me feel so welcome here at the TF family. I really appreciate it!


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          Click on "more images" under the Freddie Agabashian picture and check out the young Andretti cousins. It's priceless.
          Have a very blessed day!


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            Originally posted by PHJIndy:
            <STRONG>Click on "more images" under the Freddie Agabashian picture and check out the young Andretti cousins. It's priceless.</STRONG>
            PHJIndy...I saw your post and I bet that when you logged onto the site the "gallery" section pulled the random image which you referenced. Everytime you log on you get new front page and gallery "key" images. Our way to make it fresh everytime a user logs on and a way to highlight the many photos. (too hard to choose just a few for the front page!)

            Sooo....the point, I bet the photo you were referring to was imsc0196. You can type in the image number (imsc0196) in the "fast photo search" to find it or simply type in "andretti" and all the matching photos pop in the lightbox feature.

            We tried to make the site intuitive...so you can search like you think. Just type in whatever you are looking for..and anything that matches will pop up. And we add new stuff all the time...

            Hope that helps!


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