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    Champions of the winter
    By Eliseo Salazar

    After receso obligatory the tests of Formula One in Europe have been started again, in the city of Valencia. Most remarkable it was the best time registered by new pilot of McLaren, Kimi Raikkonen, the reemplazante of his Finnish compatriot, Mika Hakkinen, who has decided to take a sabلtico year or to perhaps retire definitively.

    Raikkonen was the revelation of the last season and with the fact in Valencia it is confirmed that it can be an important actor when being in one of the three equipment that can win in Formula One. But, eye, no that there is to give too much importance him to these times by return in the winter tests. Escuderيas, in general, is proving new aerodynamic solutions, of suspension or motors, reason why the fundamental objective is not to break the record of the track. In addition, the time by return varies depending on the weight of the vehicle. Consequently, some escuderيas use the minimum of fuel in order to obtain a good registry.

    Also we say that most of these cars it is under the prescribed weight, reason why in an official weekend they must use ballast to arrive the minimum weight. Nevertheless, for these tests there is no official control, reason why the case of equipment has occurred that stops to make an impression in the preseason to its auspiciadores or to his possible patrocinantes they resort to these hairs-splitting to remove the ballast to him.

    Escuderيas like McLaren, Williams or Ferrari does not need these tretas for their relation with those who finance the operation, but like a psychological game against their rivals. For that reason the same Ron Dennis, one of the owners of McLaren has said that nothing with being removes champion of the winter, ironizando with the fact that these tests do not have relevance as far as times by return. Yes they are important to complete the new models that the factories will send to the rotation the next Sunday 3 of March, when beginning to the season in Australia occurs.

    Still yet the saying, were no mayores surprises this time in the times. The best registries were into the hands of the pilots of McLaren, Ferrari and Williams, the three candidates to obtain victories. As for Ferrari, the champions, their pilots suffered a different fate. Schumacher quickly returned from vacations putting itself to tone, obtaining the second best time behind Raikkonen, whereas his coequipment, the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello suffered a spectacular accident, that made it finish in the hospital for controls that luckyly did not give any wound of consideration.

    In this month that lacks for the beginning of the season, they will continue the intense tests of escuderيas, with the remarkable exception of the ex- champion Alain Prost, who is fighting one hard financial and judicial to stay in grilla of the twelve equipment authorized in Formula One.

    Small other escuderيa that made the news was Minardi, that it carried out a spectacular launching of his new auspiciador, the city of Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. With present Prime minister, fireworks, parachutists sent from Torres Pétronas ­las more discharges of mundo­, sixty thousand people upon presentment attended of their compatriot Alex Yoong like pilot of escuderيa.

    Almost as spectacular as our launching of the car number 11 of the Indy in the Stroll Smoky or no?

    PD: Sorry, but I don´t make any corrections to the translate...

    [ January 22, 2002: Message edited by: CRISTAL FAN ]

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