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Let's give Buzz a warm TF sendoff!

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  • Let's give Buzz a warm TF sendoff!

    According to TSL, Buzz Calkins has done the brave thing and decided to retire. The guy is planning to put his MBA to use and run the team, and they are looking at Unser Jr. or Mark Dismore to drive in 2002.

    Lots has been said about Buzz's on track performance in recent years, but it's water under the bridge now. Let's remember his driving days in 1996, when he chalked up a win at WDW and held a share of the League Championship, and give him a warm sendoff from racing.

    All the best to Buzz Calkins and team Bradley in 2002!

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    God speed, Buzz! I hope your team is around for a long time!
    Have a very blessed day!


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      Good luck Buzz!!

      I still remember watching that first IRL race from Disney World in 1996 as though it were yesterday!

      You and Tony put on a heck of a show that day!

      And I am sure you know that Mark Dismore would look darn fine in the #12!


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        Buzz, I met you a few years back in Orlando and came away impressed. I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see the Bradley Car in front soon! Get Al Jr. or Diz in the seat and you sure have a good start!!!



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          That was a great trip, and race. It was one of my wife and I's last "couple" trips before we got pregnant with our wonderful little daughter. Hard to believe it was that long ago!

          Thanks Buzz, and I hope we can continue to see you around doing great things in the IRL!!



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            Much congrats to Buzz and Brad.

            He won the first one and really had a pretty good ride over the years. He had fun, and got to do a lot of cool things. And I got to see him carry the torch on a snowy night in Denver. People will never forget stuff like that.

            Hopefully the #12 Bradley Motorsports car will be around for quite a while.
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              Hope you stay around the League Buzz. Your mug has become somewhat of a fixture in the IRL.

              Good luck with your future endeavors.


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                When I covered the initial RIR test for Matt and Dan , Buzz was the one who gave me the most to work with , I greatly appreciated it .

                Good luck to the team , hope to see you guys in the IRL for quite a while !
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                  Good luck Buzz!
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                    You're a class act, Buzz. You've made a tough decision. Now you have a whole new avenue ahead of you. Best of luck getting that #12 on the track this season.
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                      Buzz, you will be more than just the answer to a trivia question to us fans who have been following the IRL since the beginning. Good luck!
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                        This is very important. As a driver, you never really needed advice from our little Track Forum family. But, as a team owner, you desperately need our advice.

                        Please, take some time and read back every post since, well, let's say August. Then, come back here every day and read the opinions of us, your closest 1,500 friends. Follow our advice and you'll do just fine.

                        Congrats on your new job and we're all pulling for you.

                        p.s. If you don't have time to read everyone's advice, just read mine and you'll do just fine.


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                          One thing that people like to dismiss because of the competitive situation in the IRL in 1996 is that Buzz's best performances came in the old turbo powered CART cars that are still faster than the IRL cars of today. It's pretty tough for we armchair racers to understand what it must take to strap yourself back in one of these upside-down fighter jets after a major crash and "press the loud pedal".

                          Good luck in your new career, Buzz! You were a great ambassador for the league during its formative years. I hope we still get to see you around the garages.
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                            you are correct. people probably do not remember...but buzz was extremely fast in 96 and 97...and had a major crash during a test at new hampshire....ruptured an eardrum and was never the same after that.


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                              Could someone on the 'inside' make sure Buzz sees a copy of this thread? Thx.

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                              "If NASCAR didn't want us to sleep through the race then why did they give us a COT?"


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