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Too many ringers - Racers report

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  • Too many ringers - Racers report

    I had fun.

    Ran a few in the 20's. Beat my PB by a tenth.

    Got beat by all the ringers - Mandi, Diz Jr (who looks like his old man), Chris Coers (sp), and one Daniel Wheldon.

    Those four were all about as fast as one another. There were a couple of "normal" folk who kept up with 'em, though.

    Thanks for putting it on, Matt, and thanks for having us, John!

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    I just got home, will try to get some photos on line tonight or tomorrow morning.

    It was a good time.

    Mandi was as good as all the smack talked leading up to this. She won almost every race she competed in (probably ran in at least 10 races).

    She did lose the last race when Wheldon set the track record with a 19.60.

    We had at least one race where Dis Jr., Mandi, Coers and Wheldon all ran in the 19.8 level.

    We will do this again, expect May 13, Monday after the first weekend of qualifications.

    Maybe even before.


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      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Matt-OTN:
      [QB]well i had a good time as well i had my pb best tonight 20.7. mandi kicked all of our butts though, well let us know the next time it is. thanks to all.


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        I was within the 107% rule until Wheldon punted me out with that 19.6.

        Great Time had by all. Too bad most of you missed it.

        And, I even got beat by a girl.

        But, she wasn't in the Santa Weight Class Division
        Natural Born Cynic

        What irks me (maybe its too soon for the truth), DW was a 16-oval WIN specialist, yet the vast majority those boohooing for him, hardcarders & fans, alike are the same ones trying to kill anything with more than 9 deg banking & 4 corners, where Dan ultimately made his home...


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          After my first two races I was about ready to go home. First run saw 20.8(new personal best) and a brain fart that pancaked me into the barrier coming up to the start/finish.(all by myself and only time I've been sent to the sinbin) Second run saw a best of 21.03(see why I was ready to leave). But had one more run paid for and ovalsrule was motivating me with his 20.5. I went out mad and finally pulled off some 20.4's and a 20.3. All I have to say is, Its about time! Diz, Wheldon, Coers and Mandi all let me know they were behind me at one time or another. At least I know what I need to do next time I go, someone tick me off! I think I turned out 7th behind the ringers. Starrcam has the sheet for the combined times.


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            Sorry I had to miss it. I will go in May though.


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              btw, Thanks John!


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                Originally posted by Matt-OTN:
                We will do this again, expect May 13, Monday after the first weekend of qualifications.
                That's the same night as the Sam Schmidt
                benefit at Morton's.

                I love the month of May in Indy, there are
                always too many things to do.
                Houston, the weasel has landed.


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                  This wouldn't have been the same Chris Coers that won one of the more exciting midget dirt track shows I ever attended?

                  July 9, 1999.

                  16th Street Speedway

                  Summer Sizzler.

                  Rushville T/Q Hero withstood the pressure from three "names" to win a high profile event in only his sixth or seventh trip in a full midget...
                  "Living well is the best revenge"

                  George Herbert


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                    And some people say race car drivers aren't athletes!

                    I am worn out.

                    thank RACERS and TF.


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                      That would be the same Chris Cooers 'Bird. He is a heck of a racer. Underfunded like so many others though.
                      Dan Schlosser
                      Go fast, turn left !

                      "Count all your blessings, just don't keep score...."
                      Mark "Hoot" Marchetti


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                        You guys suck

                        I wanted to go tonite but some work popped up and then I had to eat dinner with the newly relocated to Indy Mother-in-law. Not a bad thing but racing would have been so much better.

                        One thing I can tell you, if you are a SilverCrown (**** , USAC for that matter) fan you will be in for a BIG surprise this season. There is some cool stuff going on. If I told you anymore I'd have to injure ya.
                        Terrible moderators can destroy great forums


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                          The pictures are extremely dark
                          I should have them on soon but with how dark it is in there it does not look very good and my flash never did get synched with the action.

                          [ January 21, 2002: Message edited by: Matt-OTN ]


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                            There are some links to the pix at the OTN silly season page.

                            I have a couple of other pix sent to me I am going to try to get on also, again they are very dark


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                              Originally posted by Weasel Boy:

                              That's the same night as the Sam Schmidt
                              benefit at Morton's.

                              I love the month of May in Indy, there are
                              always too many things to do.</STRONG>
                              We will have to check to see if it would be too much of a conflict for those who would want to attend.

                              Maybe we could move it to the Monday after bump day?



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