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Franchitti Interview

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  • Franchitti Interview

    This morning on WIBC on the way to work....not anything unexpected - Their HP advantage gone, no wind tunnel advantages, will be an extremely tight field. He did say that he told all of the drivers in a meeting that if they had an axe to grind with Dan to remember that he is in a different car this year. He also was asked which one of the AGR drivers would be the first to have an on-track moment with Dan - he predicted Tony. An upbeat and patient interview....he went up a notch on my likability scale...that is until his wife says something bad about one of the other drivers or teams.

    Editing...he also had some interesting comments about Barnhart allowing a reduction in the minimum wing angle and that he gave the drivers pretty much everything they asked for. Franchitti said that they need to be careful what they wish for, because with Barnhart you'll probably get it. Cars will be harder to balance and harder to run in traffic - with actual throttle lifting.

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