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TV Alert - Danica coming up on Sportscenter

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  • TV Alert - Danica coming up on Sportscenter

    Coming up next as of 6:35pm. They've been promoting this spot all show.
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    Just watched it. Danica, as usual, was very good, very professional. I have spoken with her at length in a relaxed environment (if you can call waiting in line at the airport a relaxed environment) and she was genuinely pleasant. The impression I came away with was that she is as she says she is.... first and foremost a RACER! She wants to win... but not for the fame, not for the glory, not even for the money... She wants to win because she is a competitor.

    I have coached state championship winning basketball and softball teams and have encountered people like her before... in the mirror, on my team, or on the opposition. You can pick them out... those who are intrinsically driven to succeed. I like her and respect her. Good job, Danica!
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      More of the same ole', same ole'.... Not a whole lot of substance, but then again, it was about her off the track life. Is the hubby ever allowed to talk?

      But, Part 2 is tomorrow.

      I would have liked to have seen an interview with Rusty Wallace or Gene Simmons or Marco Andretti or Eddie Cheever. Lotsa interesting stories out there ESPN, if you put your mind to it. Glad that the new marketing team understands that.
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