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Which would be the bigger story?

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  • Which would be the bigger story?

    Which would be the bigger story - and I'm talking about to the public at large, not just to us race fans?

    Take the poll - Tony or Mario.
    Tony Stewart to attempt to qualify for 2006 Indy 500
    Mario Andretti to attempt to qualify for 2006 Indy 500
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  • #2
    My Pick: Indy 500 won by Cheever, Sam , Buddy Lazier or AUJ.

    Across the nation....general fans....big story: Danica wins Indy 500.

    PS: Sorry....I did not see the Poll before I posted.
    I voted: Tony Stewart!!!
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      AJ Foyt Will Attempt to Qualify for the 90th Indy 500...................
      SENسR MODERATOR......

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        Considering the two options available, I abstained from voting, as NEITHER would be a 'story' as far as I am concerned. Al, Jr. winning #3, Eddie Cheever, Buddy Rice, or Buddy Lazier winning #2, or Danica Patrick, Sam Hornish, Jr., or Scott Sharp winning #1 would be a bigger 'story' for me.
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          I'd have to say Mario. Legend vs. legend-in-the-making.
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            It is a toss up with me

            Tony: With the start time being what it is it would say that nascar was taking a back seat May 28th.

            Mario: Well we all remember that famous flying stunt he did a couble of years back.
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              Tony Stewart has yet to win the 500-Mile Race. Tony Stewart has yet to dominate the first 80% of the 500-Mile Race and lose in a heartbreak. He also has yet to have his son do that and therefore invite talk of strange mysticism, win the Daytona 507.5 and change, or win the Formula One World Drivers' Championship. Heck, he hasn't even finished second in the Le Mans 24 Hours (let alone win it...that was some other dude, on a team that had just two drivers).

              Among racing fans, like say a given Chris Economaki, Mario qualifying would be by far the bigger story. Among the general American public, who don't seem to realize that stock cars are more advanced in numerous respects than NASCARs these days, Tony would be.


              ...unless A.J. were to run, in which case the discussion would utterly pointless to begin with.

              EDIT: I respect Tony Stewart, make no mistake. But Tony's accomplishments can't yet be compared with Mario Andretti's.

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                I would say Tony Stewart mainly because he's in the news today and for mario there would be two camps, those who know he retired in 94 and would be coming back and those who don't pay attention, see him on the Firestone commercials and didn't realize he retired.

                Since neither is likely the most dramatic story might be Al jr passing Michael on the last turn of the last lap to win.
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                  You did say " Big " didn't you?
                  SENسR MODERATOR......

                  "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
                  " Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far....Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go "...T.S. Elliot....


                  • #10
                    For some people here, Tony Stewart.

                    For everyone else in the sports world, Mario.


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                      It would depend on what kind of effort Tony Stewart brought to Indy both in race promotion and overall preparation. A spur of the moment late entry would not suffice.


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                        Originally posted by Kurt Cobain
                        For some people here, Tony Stewart.

                        For everyone else in the sports world, Mario.

                        You got that right!


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                          I didn't vote because both are great drivers, one is a legend and the other has an impressive IRL, Rolex, and NASCAR career who is very popular. Mario would please the Indycar fans and Tony Stewart the NASCAR folks. I hate to say it, and if I'm proven wrong on race day it'll be a pleasure to retract, but Mario is at the age where reflexes and the blood circulatory system just aren't where they need to be for 500 demanding miles. I thought he was pushing it at Le Mans behind the wheel of a LMP Panoz, and that was over five years ago.


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                            If the question was "Who would garner more views and posts at TF by qualifying"...The answer would still not be any easier.

                            See Little Al Confirmed at D&R for '06 Indy 500 thread with over 2,245 views and more than 100 responses in a little over 24 hours

                            I voted Stewart, but only because the Media would eat it up in large bites.
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                              The really big story!!!! Who will be the first to put their girl driver into "victory lane"???? If TG passes on the opportunity at Homestead, then, surely, kalkhoven will do it at Long Beach........ Whichever outfit decides to do it will be, instantly, elevated to the top racing outfit on the globe.... bigger than nascar.... bigger than formula one... bigger than everybody....

                              The real biggest story will be which outfit will not be able to resist the tempation to put their "little sweetheart" in "victory lane" first.....


                              I love any race car whose last name is "Special"



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