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It's Little Things Like This That Give Us Hope

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  • It's Little Things Like This That Give Us Hope

    At the Great Mall of the Great Plains in beautiful Olathe, Kansas, which is many dozens of miles away from the Great Plains, but never mind; there is a Steve and Barry's Sportswear. And in this Steve and Barry's Sportswear back in late January, I discovered to my delight that they carry IRL-registered apparel. Specifically IndyCar Series windbreakers and IndyCar Series t-shirts.

    Back in early January, there were easily 20 IndyCar Series windbreakers on their rack. Last night, I had an opportunity to go into the store and have another look at them.

    Last night, there were TWO IndyCar Series windbreakers on their rack... and lots of open space where the other 18 once were.

    In short, in one short month, they sold 18 IndyCar Series jackets.

    This is going to be a GOOD year.
    "I didn't hear a single comment about airboxes, "carbashians", or how terrible the car looked. I did see dozens and dozens of little kids in awe of the speed and how cool the cars looked. We should learn from our children."
    --Danny Noonan

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    Who was it that kept saying something about publicity?????

    Cool find!


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