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Is 14 enough?

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  • Is 14 enough?

    We as race fans thouroughly enjoy our sport. We can't get enough. It's obvious just reading post after post that we crave the on-track excitement that we get every spring and summer. That being said, what has to be done so that we can have more of it?

    I understand that the schedule has been concentrated so that there aren't as many off weeks and the sport can thrive off it's previous success, but I just wish we could have somewhere around 20 to 25 races a year. That's still a far cry from the 35+ race schedule that is NASCAR.

    Folks here have mentioned the following tracks to bring back:

    Las Vegas
    Texas 2

    I know Atlanta could be another disaster, but it's worth a shot
    Iowa has been mentioned, which would be great.
    I'd even enjoy a race at say a Laguna Secca and Road America

    That right there is 23. Strech that out to a 27 or 28 week season allowing for Indy and Japan, I think that would be just about right.
    Sometimes, doing the right thing isn't the right thing to do.

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    Q: Is 14 enough?
    A: Expletive deleted NO


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      I'd love to see Phoenix, Gateway, and Vegas back on the schedule.

      I'm sick of these foot-to-floor draft-o-ramas.

      It's not as if using that funny, unfamiliar pedal in the middle is gonna cause leg cramps or anything...


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        Road Atlanta
        Road America
        Center Grove Trojans
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          Originally posted by Truth Detector
          Road Atlanta
          Road America
          I could go for those 3, plus throw in Iowa and I think you'd have a good schedule.
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            the problem with atlanta.....believe me...as a transplanted hoosier i relished the racing here.....they tried the first two races in july and proceeded to start them before dark......it was friggin 90 degrees and the marketing was at best marginal....the crowds were over 40K easily at both of those....the last race at atlanta....you know, the one with the pileup in turn 4 was in april..once again...no one knew...the weather was nicer though.....

            id still like to see em at road atlanta....despite my disdain for road races in indycar....still beats the taxi cabs


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