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Rusty will hop out of the Electric chair...

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  • Rusty will hop out of the Electric chair...

    and into an IndyCar

    "Ninety-two years ago [the Indy 500] was probably like any other race," said 2005 winner Dan Wheldon. "But over time it's just created so many storylines and history for people of our generation that now it's just massive. People value that history and tradition and you just can't take that away."

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    "I can tell them about a lot of cool things."

    Yep. These broadcasts are going to be a lot of fun.


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      Just an excellent thing for Rusty to do - and something he is taking it upon himself to do.

      I watched a videotape the other night about Penske's winning both the Indy Car (CART) and nearly* winning NASCAR championships in the same year. At one point during a "mockumentary" tour of Penske South, the camera crew "catches" Rusty mopping floors in the restrooms

      Heckuva driver and a heckuva funny-yet-sensible person.

      I think he's going to be a great addition to the Indy Car booth, and it'll be good for the soprt as long as it lasts

      * Rusty had 8 wins that year to champion Earnhardt's 4.
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        Awesome. I am really glad to have Rusty on the team!
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          So who is going to let Rusty drive their car?


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            Well, he wouldn't get out of an electric chair to drive one, but if it helps him do his job better he's all game. You've got to respect that.

            Although, I always felt his "electric chair" comment was meant as a term of respect and not as an insult to begin with.
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              Originally posted by Powercat
              So who is going to let Rusty drive their car?
              Well as they've already shared a car once before, maybe it'll be Danica. Some seat adjustments might be needed though....


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                To whoever has helped this along: Good job!!



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                  Very Nice !!!

                  ( Good thing I ponied up in 2006 for TSO!!! )

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                    There better be some video of this... Maybe he'll get Miller Lite to sponsor his test. Would like to see those colors on an IndyCar again.


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                      Originally posted by Bombardier R142
                      Although, I always felt his "electric chair" comment was meant as a term of respect and not as an insult to begin with.
                      I always took it the same way. A "tip of the hat" to drivers willing to drive them.
                      Eff LBD!


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                        Is it possible Rusty will like it so well, he will be in an IRL car for the season?


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                          probably not. However, it may light the desire to try the Indianapolis 500.
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                            He did 230 in a stock car at Talledega a couple of years ago. If that doesn't frighten him, nothing will.


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                              I think this is a fabulous idea and I say "More power to him"

                              Having Rusty in the booth will certainly be an asset and hopefully just might draw some of the fine fender fans to tune in just to watch Rusty.....but while they are watching they will soon discover that the IRL offers an excitement in racing found no where else
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