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  • Cody Hewitt

    I have copied and pasted this from IOW.com. I'm disgusted to read such a thing. How low can people go? Consider this: Think of all that the Hewitts have given this sport, then think about writing a check, one that will go to help out here. You take it from there.

    Dave, thanks for the article, though it brought forth bad news.

    As many of you have probably read in the new Speed Sport News the Hewitt's have had another set back, one of Cody's so called friends has disappeared and so has the money that was in a fund to help the Hewitts. We just sent a check, know I am asking you for some help to show that we as a racing family still care. If everyone on this board would send just one dollar it would help. Jack, Jody and Cody have been a big part of our lives and need our help So please consider helping one of our own. The new address is,

    Cody Hewitt Recovery Fund
    Fith Third Bank
    1851 w. Main st.
    Troy Ohio 45373

    The Hewitt's will be the only one's that can get to the fund so this does not happen again.

    Thank you for your help.

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    That really sucks, I'll send what I can, I sent money in before, and I know they could use all the help they can. That just really sucks.
    "Ninety-two years ago [the Indy 500] was probably like any other race," said 2005 winner Dan Wheldon. "But over time it's just created so many storylines and history for people of our generation that now it's just massive. People value that history and tradition and you just can't take that away."


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