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Own Al Unser's First Place, 1975 Road Atlanta Trophy

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  • Own Al Unser's First Place, 1975 Road Atlanta Trophy

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    We are selling our home and moving on to a sailboat. We are selling all of our stuff.

    This first place trophy was given to me in victory lane by Al Unser Sr. after the 1975 Road Atlanta F-5000 race. It was a great race with Al winning after a long battle with Brian Redman and Mario Andretti. I was the Chief Mechanic on the car. Al's girlfriend Karen, told me that she already had too many trophies to clean.

    Check out the picture of me buckling big Al in the car (Lola T332 Chevy)before the race.

    The trophy is engraved " Rockin' Road Wrangler Atlanta Grand Prix 1975 winner Road Atlanta". It is 10" tall X 9-1/2in. in dia. Weight is 4-1/2 lbs. Silver plate.

    Perfect for serving that bottle of bubbly! Jonesy Morris.

    Non-smoking home. Please feel free to email me with any questions.
    Yup, its the real deal. Looked great on our mantle for many many years. Figured folks here would get alot of enjoyment out of it.

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    Your moving onto a boat ?


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      The eldest Cygni, Jonesy Morris, is indeed retired after some 35+ years of racing, and is moving onto a 50 foot or so sailboat and sailin' away.

      Ill be writing some stuff about that career soon. If i get unlazy.


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        5 hours left. Thanks to everybody who bid... i know its guys from the boards doing it.


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          i placed a bid
          "I believe my work and contributions are done here." ...drop the flag railbird.

          Actually a member since 01.


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            It would make a nice addition to the Unser museum.


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