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    Anyone at the test notice the IRL swagger has become that of the top dog...last year we were hearing about all the unemployed drivers at TIW...this year it's about the on track performance and the presence the IRL has....
    If this train keeps on track...
    "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe" - Anatole France

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    fastfred: If this train keeps on track...
    IF???? IF????


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      Put your pennys on the rails, boys. Here she comes.


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        I'm dead now.


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          I was at Homestead last year and TitW this year and I can't believe the difference in attitude, preperation and execution.

          The big dogs in the IRL have stepped their programs up to keep pace with the new teams. The bar has been raised by Penske and Nunn and Cheever, Menard and Kelley sure seem to have responded.

          Teams like Dreyer & Reinbold, Hemelgarn and Panther look to be on the same plane as last year which was a step ahead of everybody else. It sure would be fantastic to see these three teams with two cars in the garages.

          The new teams all seemed to be more prepared and professional than many of the new efforts we have seen in the past. Brayton has put together a great looking package and seems to be well prepared. 310 is benefiting from working with Cunningham so they aren't starting from scratch.

          The league and the sponsors are on a different plane as well. The IRL has added some great people like Roger Bailey and Ashleigh Higgins with the IPS program.

          Sponsors like Red Bull, Coors and Marlboro are changing the landscape as well. The teams look more like professional teams from top to bottom as a result. The transporters, pit equipment, team uniforms and cars all are impressive.

          This is getting fun folks!!!

          Dan Schlosser
          Go fast, turn left !

          "Count all your blessings, just don't keep score...."
          Mark "Hoot" Marchetti


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            There were still several unemployed drivers at Fontana, and an owner or two that aren't running yet.


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