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Let's compare Rice vs. Sheckter

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  • Let's compare Rice vs. Sheckter

    After three races, I think we have enough of a data set to create a comparison between Buddy Rice, the midseason addition to RBTC, and Tomas, the "rookie sensation." Here are the stats from each driver's first three races in the IRL, showing start, finish, laps completed, money won, and points.


    Miami - start 3, finish 6, laps 198/200, $51,100, 28 points - stuffed boss in the wall.

    Phoenix - start 5, finish 24, laps 40/200, $32,800, 6 points, engine failure.

    Fontana - start 3, finish 24, laps 163/200, $32,200, 6 points, accident - engine tightened, stayed in groove for 1/2 lap, plowed by Noda.


    MIS - start 2, finish 2, laps 200/200, $60,450, 40 points.

    Kentucky - start 6, finish 12, laps 200/200, $18,500, 18 points.

    Gateway - start 15, finish 4, laps 200/200, $57,800, 32 points.


    Sheckter - avg. start 3.67, avg. finish 18, laps 401/600 (67%), money $116,100, 40 points, 2 crashed cars (his and Eddie's).

    Rice - avg. start 7.67, avg. finish 6, laps 600/600, $136,750, 90 points, 0 crashed cars.

    Of course, giving Tomas the benefit of the facts, the Phoenix DNF wasn't his fault. He also would have DNF'd at Fontana, too, but hanging out in the groove with a bum motor cost the team an engine AND a car, instead of just an engine.

    HOWEVER - in his first three races, Tomas never had a clean run to the finish. In fact, it wasn't until MIS that he turned in a race as good as Rice's debut. It appears that Tomas was able to make a fast car go fast, but not to control it. Rice, on the other hand, has been a complete pro (with the exception of the harmless restart spin at KY) behind the wheel. Is it any wonder that many here aren't so high on Tomas? I think Rice's debut has been remarkable, with Tomas' season as a backdrop for perspective.

    As a side note, I was surprised to find that Rice only won $18,750 for 12th at Kentucky. I thought $20K was the minimum start money. Anyone got any insight on that?
    "It was actually fun, because you're back fully driving again in these trucks. Ninety percent of the tracks we go to in the IRL, you're flat-out. I was having to lift off the corners some here." - Buddy Rice

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    Originally posted by Racewriter:

    Sheckter - avg. start 3.67, avg. finish 18, laps 401/600 (67%), money $116,100, 40 points, 2 crashed cars (his and Eddie's).

    Rice - avg. start 7.67, avg. finish 6, laps 600/600, $136,750, 90 points, 0 crashed cars.

    As a side note, I was surprised to find that Rice only won $18,750 for 12th at Kentucky. I thought $20K was the minimum start money. Anyone got any insight on that?</STRONG>
    I've been a supporter of Scheckter, but these stats are telling. As for the money, I think the car has to be in the top-25 in entrant points in order to get the guaranteed money.


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      They said Rice will finish out the season with Cheever...My guess is he will be with Cheever next year as well. The kids a good racer and very well spoken. I just can't believe that he got tossed aside by the open wheel owners...A real shame.


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        Rice has brought the car home in one piece three times out of three, finished on the lead lap each time, and has shown an ability to be racy when his car allowed it.

        I have been very impressed with him so far.


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          I pretty much gave up on Tomas in Nashville. Michigan, proved, I think Rice was as good. Every race since has proven it more.

          The low payout for Buddy has to do with car points. I think its the top 20 cars get the extra $.

          Plus, Rice has managed to make it to every race, and didn't get put on probation by the league.



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            That’s a good comparison.

            Looks to me like if Cheever had given Rice the seat earlier this year the guy would right in the mix for the championship.

            I’ m shocked any CART fan, much less Pook, would be jumping all over themselves to get the Wrecker in their series. The guy’s boneheaded driving has knocked one driver out for the year (and then he talks about safety?,) wadded up 8 cars and he comes across like a spoiled brat in the process. And this guy is going to be the Pookster’s next superstar, while a genuine US talent like Buddy Rice ends up in the IRL? Pook and some fans have gone nutty if they think that trade favors CART.


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              Ho Hum
              From the experts another song and dance about how we know more than the participants.
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                Try the Fontana tape again and I think you will find that the yellow was already out.

                I know Tracy still argues this point, but if Noda Plowed someone at speed on a yellow there are only two logical conclusions.

                A, Nigel Mansell was at fault for wrecking Vitola or

                B, Noda thought he was in NASCAR

                However to conclude that Sheckter wrecked by any fault of his own is grassy knoll stuff.

                And, from my vantage point in the stands as a fan, it sure looked like Tomas was trying to get out of the groove, but could not get to the low side until they threw the yellow.

                Get off the Witch Hunt people, there was a great race with several worthy stories yesterday. (and I was there also as a fan).
                Natural Born Cynic

                What irks me (maybe its too soon for the truth), DW was a 16-oval WIN specialist, yet the vast majority those boohooing for him, hardcarders & fans, alike are the same ones trying to kill anything with more than 9 deg banking & 4 corners, where Dan ultimately made his home...


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                  I was there and Sheckter slowed on the front stretch. The accident did not happen until turn 4. He could have had the car in the pits if he had wanted to because he had that much time.

                  [ August 26, 2002: Message edited by: MicroRacer ]
                  I would think by now that this administration would have a clue as to what it takes to get the job done. So, Get-er-done!!!!!


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                    There's a reason Wrench has been yelling that Rice needed a ride.

                    Next... he needs to be KEPT in the IRL.


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                      From what I've been able to see, Thomas bailed...he's done. The point of this thread is moot, IMO.


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                        Oops...see below.

                        [ August 26, 2002: Message edited by: Joe Baiza ]


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                          Originally posted by Joe Baiza:
                          <STRONG>NDGator, MicroRacer has it right, I was there in Fontana too. Scheckter had ample time to get in the low groove, although I remember Scheckter blowing the engine on the exit of 2, the point is that although Noda should have(or his spotter should have) had the car in a lower line, there were openings before and while the 'freight train' was coming by for Tomas to get low where he should have been.

                          That was lack of experience on Tomas' part.</STRONG>
                          If young Tomas had *IMMEDIATELY* pulled low
                          when he felt the engine get tight, there was
                          a very small opportunity to get to the apron.

                          Lack of experience was a contributing factor.

                          After missing the small opportunity to get
                          to the bottom, there was not another chance
                          to pull from the high side of the track, not
                          the groove as mentioned here, to the bottom.

                          Thank you for your time.

                          Houston, the weasel has landed.


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                            I was wrong in my opinion of the incident with regard to Tomas at Fontana.

                            Tomas was not at fault. I should have known better than to have disagreed with the assessment of his team owner and those in the know on the board.

                            Gotta love the Track Forum insiders. You never know who's out there.


                            [ August 26, 2002: Message edited by: Joe Baiza ]


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                              Buddy Rice looks like a young Colonel Sanders(KFC)!

                              Tomas Sheckter looks like Jason Biggs from "American Pie"!

                              Eddie lets Buddy Race!

                              Eddie plays mind games with Tomas!
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