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  • Shhhhh...It's a SECRET!

    The Secret Society of Happy People Happily Announces
    The Happiest Events and Moments of 2005

    (PRLEAP.COM) DALLAS, TX – The Secret Society of Happy People,
    www.sohp.com, happily announces the Happiest Events and Moments of 2005:

    10. Telephone service finally arrives for the 15 households in isolated Mink, La. Source: AP.

    9. Oprah Winfrey appears on David Letterman’s program, ending a 16-year hiatus and giving The Late Show its highest ratings in 11 years. Source: UPI.

    8. Danica Patrick, the first woman to lead the field at Indy, finishes 4th. Source: ESPN.

    7. All lingering Star Wars secrets are revealed in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

    6. Harvard University names a fun czar to build community spirit and help stressed-out students unwind. Source: Reuters.

    5. No one died at Camp and Brew and plans for the 2006 event began on May 30th.

    4. Emotion recognition software reveals da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was 83% happy. Source: AP.

    3. The Chicago White Sox win their first World Series since Nineteen Seventeen.

    2. Researchers find happy people are healthier people. Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    1. A year of unprecedented natural disasters (including the tsunami, earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita) triggers a worldwide outpouring of love, financial assistance, and personal involvement to help millions of people recover.

    “The natural disasters of 2005 brought out the very best in human nature. Often happiness is found when we take the situation in front of us and try to make it better. That’s what millions of people did when they saw the unprecedented suffering that the people directly impacted by these disasters were enduring,” says Pamela Gail Johnson, Founder of the Secret Society of Happy People.

    This is the eighth year the Society has released the year’s Happiest Events and Moments. The list is found on www.sohp.com.

    (OK, OK! So I replaced #5 myself ...it originally said:
    The Magic Kingdom of Disneyland celebrates its
    50th Anniversary. BORRING! -- Tommy D. )
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    Camp and Brew Did Not Make Indianapolis
    It's Indianapolis that made Camp and Brew what it is.

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