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slightly OT; 4 female drivers at ARCA Daytona test

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  • slightly OT; 4 female drivers at ARCA Daytona test

    I know Erin Crocker has an open wheel background but I've never heard of any of these other drivers.
    does anyone have any info on them?
    looks like females getting rides is the thing to do these days...

    from SPEEDTV.com

    Ray Evernham, who fields racing teams in the NASCAR Nextel Cup, NASCAR Busch Series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and ARCA RE/MAX Series, spent the better part of Friday and Saturday in the garage in his guidance of driver Erin Crocker’s efforts. Crocker posted a top speed of 182.637 in her Dodge with Pete Rondeau turning wrenches.

    Crocker was one of four females participating in the test. ARCA RE/MAX Series veteran Christi Passmore put her Mike Mack-prepared Ford through its paces. Florida short tracker Amanda Gogel was at the wheel of Ralph Solhem’s Chevrolet with Ed Kennedy tutoring, while series veteran Andy Belmont guided the efforts of Pennsylvanian Jayme Beck.
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    Christi Passmore has driven in a self-owned car in ARCA for a while. She was on that Roush Racing driver search thing but got eliminated early after being the only driver of the whole group to spin her truck out (and then virtually collapsing in tears).

    Not too familiar with Gogel or Beck.

    I'm surprised Sondi Eden isn't part of this group.
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      I am not familiar with Gogel or Beck, either. What surprised me is one deal that did not happen in 2005. 2 female drivers were to split 6 or 7 ARCA and Busch races. Both drivers had family ties to Nascar. The sponsor was to be one I had helped try to get for someone else.
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        Gogel I know nothing about. Beck is a recently married regular at Jennerstown Speedway who might be better known by her maiden name, Jayme Bolkovac. If you're seeing Jayme in these tests, you might soon see her husband Tommy Beck in one. He is 2005 Jennerstown track champ and has a ton of talent. Neither of them has any open wheel history.
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          No name drivers in an arca test merit a thread here because they're girls. TG must be even dumber then he looks to have not arranged for Sarah to be in the show. I guess someone thinks Giaffone will draw more fans???


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            How old is Tommy Beck? I think he was racing rookie karts at Blanket Hill when I used to race there. Would make him probably around 24 now??
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