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buzz calkins retires

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  • buzz calkins retires

    buzz calkins retired today..got the release from Bradley Motorsports. Buzz said the risks weren't worth the reward

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    This news, if true, should lead not only RPM2Nite, but SportCenter as well.

    Seriously, if true, I hope the team stays in the game, and Hearn gets a shot (or AUJ)
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      Originally posted by mattndallas:
      <STRONG>This news, if true, should lead not only RPM2Nite, but SportCenter as well.

      Seriously, if true, I hope the team stays in the game, and Hearn gets a shot (or AUJ) </STRONG>

      Dang Matt, I wanted to start the AUJ to Bradley rumor
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        Does that mean you are now unemployed????
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          I hear Buzz is going to go to work for Al Unser Jr Racing to try and secure sponsorship for a second car to be driven by Greg ray.
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            Geez. I'm always being critical of the guy and now with this news, I feel a little sad anyway. If true, its a good move. I just hate to see guys have to give up on their dream. But I do hope they stick around, put someone fast in the car, and then go out and kick some serious tail.

            Good Luck Buzz.


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              theres no reason they couldnt run someone else in the car with better results.

              buzz may not have been the greatest driver, but he was a race winner...and one of the more personable and well spoken drivers in the garage area IMO.

              i liked buzz..

              i hope he sticks around.

              Hey Tony George, got an opening in your marketing department for a guy with IRL race experience and an MBA???
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                Well, everyone (almost) was critical of the guy. It was his family's money. He stayed out of the way and didn't cause any accidents. He was a good ambassador for the league. What was the problem?

                Now we have another problem.

                One more American, gone. Fini, baby. Bring in the next Brazillian.

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                  Since daddy was the sponsor I don't know if they will continue to field a car in the leagues at all. The car count may have just gone down by one unless someone else brings a check.
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                    Has this been confirmed anywhere else? Please provide some type of link or quote the press release. I hope it's true, but I am leary that someone is jerkin' our chain. If true then for the love of God, please put Little Al in that seat.
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                      What makes anyone think that team can field a car worthy of Al's talent and potential? I hope Al holds out for something capable of winning the race.
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                        it hasn't made www.buzzcalkins.com yet, and i don't think the team has a webite. Trust me, i have the release in my hand, straight from his P-R guy. Buzz said he'd like to get sponsorship for the team and stay as an owner but they don't have anything right now.


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                          I recall many of you crowing for Buzz to retire in a recent post...I admit I am guilty of questioning Buzz's recent outings.

                          I know for a fact the retirement is true.

                          I would hope you all take a moment to reflect on what Buzz has meant to the IRL, being a part since inception, first race winner and first "true" Champion.

                          Buzz will make one of the best owners in the league if that is the route he chooses.

                          I can only imagine how difficult a decision this was for him and his family.

                          I thank him for his wonderful kindness at all public appearances and willingness to get behind Tony George's vision and congradulate him on his great additions to the IRL's history.

                          GO BUZZ!!
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                            INDIANAPOLIS, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2002 - 1996 Indy Racing League co-champion
                            Buzz Calkins announced Feb. 13 his retirement from Indy Racing competition.
                            Calkins, from Denver, made 53 career starts in the Indy Racing League and won
                            the league's inaugural event in January 1996 at Orlando, Fla. Calkins, 30, plans
                            to use his master's degree in business administration from Northwestern's
                            Kellogg School of Management toward new business ventures in the near future,
                            including team ownership.
                            "I have always admired guys like Roger Penske, Bobby Rahal and Niki Lauda, who
                            have had successful racing careers and then stepped out of the car and became
                            successful in business and other facets of life," Calkins said. "This is the
                            direction I want to go. We have a great group of people here and awesome
                            equipment. I truly believe we present the best opportunity for sponsors and a
                            "I've been thinking long and hard about this, and I think it is time for me to
                            focus on a new direction. I am at a time in my life where the risks aren't worth
                            the rewards."
                            Calkins drove his entire career for Bradley Motorsports, owned by his father,
                            Brad. Calkins' entire family is deeply involved with all facets of the team.
                            "I would like to thank my team for all the support they've given me," Buzz
                            Calkins said. "They are truly some of the best individuals I have ever worked
                            with. Competing with my father and family under the Bradley Motorsports name was
                            a wonderful opportunity, and I appreciate the support of my entire family and
                            the rest of the Bradley team."
                            Calkins earned $3,324,228 during his Indy Racing League career. He earned a
                            reputation as one of the most consistent and smooth drivers in series history,
                            retiring with a league-record 40 races running at the finish. Calkins' 53 starts
                            also rank third in league history, and he completed 8,882 laps during his
                            career, which is second all time.
                            He made six career starts in the Indianapolis 500, racing at the Brickyard every
                            year since 1996. His best career finish at Indy was 10th in 1998.
                            "The Indy Racing League is the best racing there is and has allowed me to follow
                            my dream of competing in the Indy-car ranks and to race in the greatest race in
                            the world, the Indianapolis 500," Calkins said. "I want to extend my
                            appreciation to the IRL, Tony George and the entire Hulman-George family for
                            having the forethought and developing such a series that has allowed me to
                            participate in something I will cherish for the rest of my life."


                            Media Contacts: Ron Green, Indy Racing, (317) 484-6526, [email protected]
                            Kimberly Miller, Indy Racing, (317) 484-5062, [email protected]
                            World Wide Web: http://www.indyracing.com
                            "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe" - Anatole France


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                              i talked to buzz about 30 minutes ago and he says he's been on the phone all day trying to find someone to put in the car. he says he wants to stay in the sport as an owner, but right now he needs to find sponsorship.


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