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Cool Racing Movie/Documentary "Dust to Glory"

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  • Cool Racing Movie/Documentary "Dust to Glory"

    Hope this isnt OT, but I finished watching "Dust to Glory" tonite. My 12 year old son and I learned all about the Baja 1000!
    It was really a great documentary. What a great adventure that race is.
    Its quite the opposite of any race Ive seen as far as the rules, regulations, concrete walls and specific race areas. At one point in the race, the Mexican police pulled over half of the field ( including Robby Gordon) for speeding down a public road. There isnt a specific race track like we are used to. I dont know how spectators and the Mexican citizens keep from getting killed. It was insane.
    Robby Gordon, Mario Andretti, Jimmy Vasser, Parnelli Jones were all in the movie.
    Good Flick!

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    I"ve heard good things about it but never seen it. The movie is now on my list.


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      It is a good one. Anybody know what ever happened to the one they were making about Paris - Dakar? Haven't heard too much about that supposed movie lately.
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        "I had to borrow a tire from this dude"

        I got to see that one in a small theatre in Denver. It was pretty cool on the big screen.


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          I have a copy of it and have enjoyed watching it several times.

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