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  • Favorite driver and why

    Just wondering who is your favorite driver and why?

    Sam Hornish Jr.
    Grew up on a small small track in Ohio, dad and mom raced!
    Dad worked on most of the stock cars till I was 12.
    Went to my first INDY 500 at 17.
    I was hooked on open wheel then even though my brothers are NASCAR freeks.
    Then I grew up went to a couple more INDY 500's

    I met a Hornish Thanksgiving eve 1996.
    After dating awhile he told me he hated racing no interest at all.
    Well that wasnt going to work!
    But it did and I married him.
    I will never forget when a family member who knew what a open wheel fan I was call and said Sammy got a big ride.
    I took 3 Hornish boys to there first IRL race it was classic!
    I knew everything and they were soaking it all up!
    My husbands arm hair was straight up the first lap of the race!
    He was hooked.
    Not to mention he now had a favorite driver with the same last name!
    And Ive been a Sam fan ever since! Gone to several races and havent missed one on Tv.
    Im a true race freak
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    Have you sought medical help?


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      ...I think most already know my favorite driver is Scott Sharp.

      I met Scott at Indy in 1996 when he was with Foyt, he was personable, pleasant and patient with a few of us hanging out at his garage, been a fan ever since.
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        Currently, Tony Kanaan - tough way to go as a youngster, great driver, lotta heart.
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          Buddy Lazier and Tony Stewart.

          Buddy because he is the best pure racer in the IRL IMO.

          Tony because he is the most versatile driver of this generation.
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            Sorry I guess I'm not an average Race fan.
            "Below him, outside of him, over top of him Im not lifting from here on out"


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              indyracefan, MichaelP, Turn13

              Thank you for your reply at least you guys answered my question. I havent been on the forum for very long and was just wondering about how people become fans of what driver. My story is true it maybe far fetched but very true. And if I went in full detail about where I have been in the racing commuity you guys would really think I was full of BS! And where I have been has nothing to do with Sam being a driver. I dont know him well.
              "Below him, outside of him, over top of him Im not lifting from here on out"


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                Originally posted by shornish
                I havent been on the forum for very long and was just wondering about how people become fans of what driver.
                Here is the story of one of my favorites.

                Gil de Ferran - Met him his rookie year at Mid-Ohio. The crowds around AUJ, Emmo and Michael Andretti were just huge. It was basically impossible to get anywhere near them. There sat Gil with no one talking to him. I went up to him and introduced myself and we talked for quite awhile. I found him very engaging and have been a fan ever since. He was one helluva racer.


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                  As far as active drivers it goes like this:
                  IRL-Buddy Lazier
                  F1-Juan Montoya
                  NASCAR (when I watch it) - Robby Gordon


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                    Originally posted by shornish

                    Sorry I guess I'm not an average Race fan.
                    Hey, that don't make you all bad.


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                      Wrong question to ask me

                      Obviously, my favorite driver is Scott Sharp. In fact, I proudly say I am the biggest Sharp fan there is

                      Why? Well, this is an interesting story...let's see how short I can make it! He was at Delphi in my town in '98 (I think) and I got to see him and had a poster signed by him. I don't remember any of it, but I always kept the poster. In '02, my parents forced me into going to the 500. I didn't care about it, I didn't know any of the drivers. I read an article in the paper that a local charity I fully support was going to have a sticker on one of these goofy looking cars. The name of the driver looked really familiar and I wasn't sure why. But sure enough, this guy, Scott Sharp, was the same one that signed the poster that was still on my wall. I decided that would be the guy I cheered for during that "thing" my parents were forcing me to go to. I did go and watch him, but after he was out I lost interest. Out of sheer disappointment over not being able to go in '03 when our tickets were sold the day before, I decided I was going to find out more about that Scott guy. That's when I learned about the IRL and I became a true fan of it during the night Texas race. I haven't missed watching a race since then. So pretty much, Scott is the one who brought me into racing.

                      Since I spent that offseason finding out everything about Scott and the IRL that I could, I tried a bunch of times to meet Scott in '04. Each time I had no luck at all. I was almost convinced I'd never meet him. That all changed this past May on Fast Friday when I was finally able to. I quickly figured out Scott's not only an amazing driver, but also an amazing guy. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to him at every race I went to this year (even at Kentucky after he won) and now he knows me by name. He's by far my favorite driver and deserves all the support in the world


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                        CART - Tracy - He was the only guy that could keep Michael honest. Then I gotta toss in Seabass and Junky, two deserving OW drivers.

                        F-1 - Juan Pablo Montoya - Hands down - will make it big in time - Worked since a child for a ride in F-1

                        NASCAR - Mark Martin - Just keeps on going and going and going. Very decent person and has a good word for everyone who deserves it.

                        IRL - Helio and Tony - Gil if he were still in the seat. These guys put it all out on the track and are great guys off the track.
                        I'll add Danica here also as she adds quite another dimension to OW racing and very decidedly put the IRL in the news this season.

                        Go Karts - Gotta be Dan the Man - Juan and Tomas ain't too shabby either.


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                          Of all time-gotta be Foyt. Force of nature. Not only could he win in virtually anything he drove, he has also proven virtually indestructable. Crashing, burning, exploding race cars, hurricanes, killer bees-it might take a nuke to take out Foyt. Sheesh. He's like Wyle E. Coyote with talent!

                          Over the years I've had a few favorite drivers in various disciplines-Bobby Allison, Nigel Mansell in both F1 and Indy cars, Davey Allison, et cetera. Of the current crop of drivers, I'd have to pick our two Penske fellas in Indy cars-I developed a healthy respect for Sam Hornish's talents when he was making those GOOD-GAWD!!!!-against-the-wall outside- or thread-the-needle passes in the Panther car. He was putting that car where common sense and physics seemed to indicate nobody could put a car, and he had the goods to get away with it. He reminds me of Mansell in that way-he dives into these moves that for all the world knows may be over his head, but somehow he can dig into a deep well of talent and pull it off.

                          Helio Castroneves, while obviously very talented, actually won me over more with his joy and enthusiasm. I had to smile when he first came to Indy, crashed his car, and grinned, "I'm not 'ere to kiss de wall-I'm 'ere to kiss de chicks!" When he won Indy, scrambled up the fence, and broke into joyful tears, his love of what he does was palpable and contageous. In this era of stony-faced sponsor-plug-spewers, every time he wins a race it's a breath of fresh air. It's like he's one of a dwindling few racing drivers in the world today who is actually having BIG FUN driving race cars.

                          I hardly watch NASCAR anymore. There are only two real racers left in this once-proud racing series: Tony Stewart and Robby Gordon. Stewart is simply among the very best ever to strap on a car, head and shoulders above virtually everyone else in the series. He is willing to drive anything, literally (24 Hrs of Daytona) driving the wheels off the thing. Only guy ever to win both the Indy car and NASCAR championships. I think, by the time he finishes his career, he will be mentioned in the same breath with Foyt, Mario and Michael Andretti, the Unsers, etc. as among the best drivers America has ever produced.

                          As for Robby Gordon, I don't think anybody can deny that he can really drive anything. Those drivers that are enthusiastically willing to drive anything, anytime, anywhere are the kind I like. He's driven everything from offroad trucks to Indy cars to IMSA sports cars to Trans Am to NASCAR and won in almost all of them, albeit in small numbers. His biggest problem is his big ego, but hey, show me a really good race driver without a big ego. Sure, he may be a bit of a bonehead, but he's a TALENTED bonehead. I imagine that even among his detractors, on or off the track, there are few haven't heard that he was going to do the Indy/Charlotte Double and then round out the year with a run at the Baja 1000 or Paris-Dakaar (or both) and secretly thought, "man, I wish I could do that."
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                            Rick Mears....

                            Eddie Cheever....

                            Jaques Lazier.....

                            Sam Hornish....

                            Tom Sneva.....

                            Scotty Brayton.....

                            Tony Stewart.....

                            Danica Patrick....

                            Carl Edwards....

                            Mark Dismore....

                            John Andretti....
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                            Cheever's still "My Guy"

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                              On dirt ---- Jud Larson

                              In a roadster ---- Foyt

                              On a road course ---- Jimmy Clark

                              NASCAR superspeedway ---- Buddy Baker

                              NASCAR short track ----- Dale Earnhardt

                              Off Road ----- Walker Evans

                              Drag Racing ---- Shirley Moldpwney

                              Pikes Peak ----- Bobby Unser

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