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Facts and More Good Facts - Indy 500

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  • Facts and More Good Facts - Indy 500

    This is a thorough read: Indy Summary Click HERE

    Can any among the the pundits here spot any factual discrepancy's!?!?!

    ( I learned there was once an Indy 225 and an Indy 505 )

    Camp and Brew Did Not Make Indianapolis
    It's Indianapolis that made Camp and Brew what it is.

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    Pretty cool Tommy! It's got hyperlinks for individual drivers and everything.
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      Despite the CART - USAC divide, from 1983 to 1994 the race was run in relative harmony, with CART and USAC occasionally disagreeing over the technical regulations.
      This part seems very accurate.

      Opinions varied on his motivations, with his supporters sharing his disapproval of Indy's lack of status within CART when it was obvious that it was the series' flagship, the increasing number of foreign drivers with big bank accounts forcing professional American racing drivers away
      Of course Tony disputes ever claiming this at all.

      and the decreasing number of oval-track races in the series
      Of course, the author fails to realize, or conviently leaves out the fact that the abundance of ovals present today weren't present back in 1994.

      while his detractors accused George of throwing his weight around and playing politics with the race and its heritage just for a power play futhering his own interests at the expense of the sport overall.
      Most are finally figuring this one out.

      The cars begin the race three abreast in a rolling start. Most other automobile races have two cars in a row.
      Fortunately he didn't mention 11 rows of 3, that's a tradition that may not be feasible to maintain in the future.

      Otherwise, a very informative site.
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        In the above mentioned article I feel that the following information should be pointed out:

        All of that information was taken from the IMS Indianapolis 500 Website.

        External link

        Official Site


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          One of the links there is to this:


          Be sure to "turn the page"...

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            Actually, it was taken from Wikipedia, which is free for people to copy and redistribute.


            Now whether the information on Wikipedia came from Indy500.com or not, who knows, but much of it is just factual, and facts themselves are not copyrightable.
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              In no way was I trying to take anything away from the article - was just pointing out that they temselves include the link to the IMS Site at the very bottom of their page.


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                The first edition of this book was one of the first ever Indy books that I read.
                Bought it used off somebody at E-bay.

                Very informative.

                Wonder how updated the 2005 version is? I did notice, in the online AMAZON peek,
                that the 2005 version Index shows nothing about Danica has been included.
                Camp and Brew Did Not Make Indianapolis
                It's Indianapolis that made Camp and Brew what it is.


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                  1960 - Should read three time runner-up, Jim Rathman , not Pat Flaherty.
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                    Funny, A Watson chassis is still amongst the winningest chassis. And Offy is still the most dominating engine.


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