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Old news: Did Briscoe's fuel cell rupture?

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  • Old news: Did Briscoe's fuel cell rupture?

    From the old-news-that-I-missed dept.: I recently read that the fuel tank burst during Ryan Briscoe's wicked crash at Chicagoland. The rescue people were at first thwarted from getting to him immediately because of the heat coming from the piece of the car that he was still in. I found this remarkable because, if true, we still haven't used all the fingers on one hand to count the times a Goodyear (I assume) Indycar/champcar fuel cell has failed to remain intact in the last three decades. I always an image that if the Russkies sent the Big One, the only thing in America not reduced to atom particles would be these tanks, still holding their methanol. Is Goodyear still the supplier of these tanks? And, despite the savage impact of the Briscoe crash, has this got anyone's attention? Just wonderin'.
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    It didn't burst. The fuel line got ripped out when the back end broke away, which is what tore it open. I'm not sure if the fuel line has built in breaking points to prevent that from happening, but if does, they failed. My guess is they'll be some design changes before the season starts.
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      Briscoe Crash

      I think if you look closer at Briscoe's crash, that fire was from oil. By the way the car broke in two and the engine left the chassis, the oil lines were torn from the oil cooler or the engine. The oil cooler is mounted in the side pod. When the oil lines are torn loose, oil gets on the headers and starts the fire. There may have been a small amount of fuel from an engine fuel rail or fitting, but in no way did the fuel tank burst and cause that fire. There are break away fittings on the fuel lines.The fuel cells in IRL cars are of the highest technology and safest money can buy. This information was given to me from an IRL tech person.


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        Probably made by www.fuelsafe.com
        They'll even make one for your armored Mafioso limo.
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