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David Pook Update

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  • David Pook Update

    Janie posted this in the other thread, but I thought I'd make sure everyone got the good news.

    CONTACT: Adam Saal (248) 362-8800


    DETROIT (January 20, 2002) - David Pook, the 30-year-old son of Championship
    Auto Racing Teams President and CEO Christopher R. Pook, was released from
    Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix this afternoon and is traveling back to
    his home in Long Beach, Calif., after being treated for a severe neck injury
    sustained in a private testing accident late Thursday at Phoenix
    International Raceway.

    Pook sustained a clean fracture of his second cervical vertebra in the
    accident that occurred in a late afternoon test run on the one-mile Phoenix
    oval. Pook was testing his NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Tour Chevrolet
    stock car that suffered a suspected steering failure. He was travelling
    approximately 150 miles per hour down the front straightaway at the time of
    the suspected equipment failure, which resulted in a nearly head-on
    collision with the Turn 1 wall. He was wearing a HANS Device.

    Pook has been fitted with a "halo" external support device although his
    injury did not require surgery. Although he remains bruised and sore, Pook
    has been awake and alert since the incident and remains in good spirits. He
    is expected to wear the "halo" for up to three months.

    "We are incredibly touched and grateful for the out-pouring of sympathy and
    support that the racing community, literally from around the world, has
    shown for David and all in our family," the elder Pook said today. "We feel
    very, very fortunate that David survived an impact as big as it was with
    only a fracture. I want to particularly express our gratitude to David's
    crew chief Carl "Junior" Joiner who built a unique and special seat that
    held in place during the complete impact, as well as the HANS Device that
    played a major role in David's survival."

    Pook is a veteran race driver who has competed in both the CART Toyota
    Atlantic Championship and the Dayton Indy Lights Championship. He also drove
    a Van Diemen RF95 to the 1995 SCCA Formula Continental national

    Friends and well wishers can contact David Pook through his web site
    DavidPookRacing.com that is scheduled to come online tomorrow. Cards and
    letters may be sent to the following address:

    DP Motorsports
    3710 Industry Way, Unit 201
    Lakewood, CA 90712

    "If TF members were given solid gold cars, some would complain about the color." - stnkypete

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    As I said in the previous thread, "for all we know he may have been using the HANS device." This unit is not going to be the all-inclusive, end-all to save racing. People like to point fingers at the IRL for not mandating it or similar units. In the open cockpit environment of the IRL cars, where the sky is the limit for headroom, unless the car is "on the roll bar" and skidding across the pavement at 150, personal safety devices should be a drivers decision.


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      Mackie, sometimes people need to be protected from thier own poor decision making.
      DE a great driver, but a poor decision maker.
      Would you ride a Motorcycle w/o a helmet?


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