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Eliseo Salazar latest Interview!!!

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  • Eliseo Salazar latest Interview!!!


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    Eliseo Salazar, the flag and its new colors.

    The Chilean will run with the car number eleven, that in 2000 gave the fourth place him in the IRL.

    There are ten cars that can win

    A year back, Eliseo Salazar almost analyzed the future season of Indy Racing League (IRL) of the same form since it does now. It said then that a good dose of regularity was enough to choose to the title, something that the own Sam Hornish Jr was in charge to verify with his ten twelve podiums and top ten on thirteen races, to capture the championship in advance.

    Salazar returns to that now. The santiaguin thinks that, given the greater vigilant competitiveness than for campaign 2002 of the American category of Indy formula, that releases in the oval of Homestead Saturday 2 of March, it will be required of a greater quota of regularity, although now it makes a reservation: It is necessary to win some race.

    I think that with two triumphs you are in the championship. Also it would be possible to be chosen to the title without winning, but since now we have a calendar of 15 dates, I doubt that it is enough with pure podios.

    Q:In addition, it was clear that to its head, A..J. Foyt, it does not like this philosophy.

    Of course. Foyt does not want a sum of points, because he is a winner. Many of our disencounters took place because sometimes I tried to save safe units and to him it did not seem to him well.
    But good... I either am not to go to add. I want to win a race, although sometimes we will go away contentments with a third or fourth place.

    Q:It sees Foyt in one more a closed or more flexible position in relation to this?

    I believe less now that Foyt does not hold another season without appearing, than it has the support of Chevrolet. And to appear we with the 500 Miles of Indianapolis mean to fight the championship, to gain some races or to have left, that in case single she saves the season. It will want to always win, but he must know that we fought against many strong competitors.
    For that reason, I insist, sometimes we will have ourselves to go contentments with podio or a fourth position.

    Q:And nor that sees so easy, considering that there are four strong equipment as much or the more that Foyt and that above Penske, Morris arrive Nunn and now Blair Racing, who brings McLaren technology?

    For me, the same candidates are teams of the last year: Panther, Hemelgarn, Kelley, Menard, Cheever and we, more Penske and Nunn. To Mo Nunn I have more respect to him than to anybody, because it is good in ovals, it made gain a (Alex) Zanardi and (Juan Pablo) Montoya in Ganassi Chip. Also she was head mine in Formula One and obtained that with a Ensing we left sixth.
    But the thing is difficult. Lamentably, there are about ten cars to win, there is more competition and it will yes be necessary to be competitive yes or.

    Q:In addition, the criterion of technical equality will stay, accentuated with new regulations that aim at that.

    Good, already the limitation is known the use of the tires for the season, which is quite favorable for teams like ours, that does not have limitless budget. In addition, the program of the chassis will turn his third and last year now, reason why all the equipment has seizure to him the hand to the completion. For that reason it will be more difficult that never to obtain advantages.

    Q:Which is the key, then? Where is obtained that difference?

    For me, the day to day will be key, specially in the week ends of race. In a session of training you will not take the hand him to the car and will arrive eighth, tenth or worse. But you will find the return him and suddenly you will gain those two or three miles per hour additional, that will allow you to win.

    Q:But to arrive at that it will require training, work in pits, to do it in serious. Exists that will in Foyt?

    It exists. At least that is what it has said. It is that many things have changed from the last year. It has the strong endorsement of Chevrolet and it cannot miss it to it. It has a greater budget and, as I said to you, by image it needs to fulfill a good campaign. It promised to me that we would go to prove to all the ovals, but I do not know if we will do it so thus.

    At least we started off now in Phoenix with a prived test, because it wants to be single. Not even in they open test, that is cheaper, which sets a standard. But if we go to some tracks, specially those that we do not know, already it is an advance. In addition, Foyt decided to contract more people for the equipment and will maintain to Bill Spencer like my mechanic. All that count and sum.

    Q:Some prognosis?

    He is very early to do it, but I am convinced that we are going to walk well.


    Last Tuesday, Eliseo Salazar presented in total Stroll Smoky the design of the car whereupon it will compete in the present season. And the modifications respect to the previous years are evident. The great new developments have to do with their new sponsors, where the Bank Chile receives the relevance of being its sponsor number one, followed of Palta Hass, Entel PCS and Cerveza Cristal, that will only provide colors for the helmet of the pilot.

    This new distribution implied a change in the tones of monocox, that retakes the white, blue and red of the Chilean flag that as much it likes Salazar.

    ' Memory that in Fertile valleys ' 97, when we win that race, now had the flag in the tube of the car and I wanted to take it still more great, says.

    Part of the merit is also of A. J. Foyt, that put to disposition of the Chilean an extra bolide so that it could fulfill his desire. We talked with A.. J. said me that, thanks to the support of General Motors, number eleven was going to be able to have a second car in track -, because the 14 is supported by Harrah's and takes its colors and that me it offered it to arrange to my sponsors as I wanted. I proposed the one to him of the flag, and as it is looked much like the one of Texas (Foyt is native of Houston), it it liked the idea.

    Q:Lamentably for you, this you will mean that it will have an teammate, idea that never it has liked much.

    Foyt wants to run with two cars. It has always made it, safe in the beginning of the last season. And I am a simple employee of him. Foyt thinks that to have two cars it allows him to obtain better information in the previous days to the race. Usually it throws a car in a session and the other in the other, to prove different things.

    Q:Who will be its teammate?

    Are not one hundred defined percents, but I believe that it will be Donnie Beechler. - and if Beechler goes with car 14, so symbolic for Foyt, it does not mean that it will be number one of the equipment? Foyt always gives importance him to the 14, but it does not privilege to anybody. From that point of view, the number of the single-seater is not excellent. It remembers that in season 2000 I was with the 11 and Jeff Ward with the 14, and I finished being most important of the equipment.

    See you


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      Thanks , CRISTAL !
      If I decipher this correctly , AJ does plan to test more this year , including a private test at Phoenix. The pit gaffes that occured last year will be worked on , and a different engine builder has been chosen . Eliseo believes Donnie will be in the #14. All this bodes well for all us ( we ? ) Foyt fans .
      “With the help of God and true friends, I come to realize
      I still got two strong legs, even wings to fly
      I ain’t wastin’ time no more...”


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        Thats what it sounded like to me JandJ...I for one will be very happy to see both Foyt cars running strong and in front this season...now if only some shooting star would allow Tony Stewart in AJ's car my life would be complete...oh well one has to have dreams.

        Is it May yet ?


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          Cristal Fan

          I really appreciate your updates.




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