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Here's another idea!!!

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  • Here's another idea!!!

    Just to prove that I don't learn my lesson, here is another idea for everyone to shoot down.

    With all of the focus on fuel economy and hybrid cars, why not put a clause in the IRL rules that would provide a very large incentive for alternative power engines (no Rev Limits, no HP limits, etc..). I am not envisioning those silly looking solar cars run the 500. However, I do think it may help spur hydrogen, hybrid, natural gas, or other types of fuels.

    My reasoning is that the best engine minds are in racing (Cosworth, Ilmor, etc...). Turn these people loose on this fuel problem (they may have already done it). Indy has the heritage of bringing innovation to the forefront and the fuel issue is only going to stay in the news.

    It will also help dispell the myth that alternative fuel cars have no power or are wimpy.

    I think the publicity from this could be huge considering the mood of the country right now with respect to the oil companies.

    I am begging everyone to NOT turn this into a politcal topic. I respect the knowledge base of the members here and want to hear why or how this could or could not work.

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    It cain't werk 'cause of yer STOOPID politics, that's why! Yeeee-haaaaa!

    Ok, now on a more serious note...this idea is much more interesting that your first idea. In fact, Indy was built on bringing new technology to racing. However, a lot would have to happen to pull something like this off. But with ethanol coming on-board as the fuel source for the IRL, it's possible.


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      Actually there was a gas-electric hybrid racer called the Patriot a few years back. I believe it was manufactured by DaimlerChrysler. Anyway I don't think it ever got beyond testing.

      You could easily make a hybrid version of an indy car without much problem and use the electric motor to add "boost" in passing situations or to run during caution flags to save fuel. However, hybrid components--engines and batteries--are 1) expensive and 2) heavy.

      As for alternative-fuel power. E85 or Ethanol is out there, but it is less powerful than gasoline. Don't know how it compares to Methanol though.

      Hydrogen fuel-cell is out of the question. It is way too expensive and could potentially be very dangerous.



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        Don Panoz ran a hybrid car in ALMS for a while. Interesting idea.


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          Indy Needing Serious Innovation Back...

          Maybe I'll be yelled at then, but the grease/vegetable-oil-running diesel engine is a legitimate thing, even made CBSNews. Work on that one and enter it in the 500.

          Some people have religion. I happen to be one of them.

          "If grown men and women wish to take such risks, that is their own business."
          Ronald Reagan

          "Be intolerant: because some things are just plain stupid."


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