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    Why is it that most NASCAR fans think that there series is the only racing worth to watch and that any other kind is a waste of time? I used to love NASCAR in the early 1990's and now i don't i love the IRL but i always watched the INDYCARS also.. but every NASCAR fan i talk to have no interest in anything else.. why is that?
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    Richard Kimble 11/18/2010

    "Paff is far more right than any of you will EVER give him credit for.

    As non politically correct and un IndyCar friendly as it is, it's the truth. "

    SeeuInMay 12/29/2010

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    Well the number and the length of the races can't help. I watch alot of the races myself and they are very time consuming. However I do have friends that are die hard WC fans that won't give the IRL the time of day. I think the best way to get some of these fans to watch is for the Cup guys to run at Indy. Just imagine how much it would help if a guy like Harvick showed up.
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      I know several NASCAR fans (read that WC fans) that unless one of there "heros" is driving in the bush race wouldn't know that there was one. Then there is Ray that is a mess up your pants kind of Rusty Wallace fan that can tell you what happened in just about any series that ran that weekend (NHRA, ASA, Hooters Pro Cup, Trucks, IRL, CART) he is a true racing fan. Now if he could just get over Rusty.
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        I wonder why so many on the IRL forum are so concerned about NASCAR...


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          well first I think that the Irl drivers aren't out there getting the fans attention.If the broadcasters would have more personality than a wet rag the fans could get into maybe.get someone like D.W. to pull the crowd.I'm telling you that since mid-90's Nascar really worked hard on getting our attention and man did it work.The IRL won't get the fan base over night.Got to pay your dues before you reap the awards.


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            1 - A SMALL MINORITY of IRL fans and MOST EVERY CART fan engaged and continues to engage in a hostile and negative condesention attack upon NASCAR. This drives some NASCAR fans away. How could you watch NASCAR and then switch over to Paul Page's spew and not be insulted by his continual dumb statments about "the best drivers in the world".

            2 - NASCAR brings new fans to the table. The whole "NASCAR became popular because of the split" lie shows just how out of touch many are. NASCAR was bringing new, non-motorsports fans, to the table since the mid-80s. CART's pointlessness prevented open wheel from doing the same thing or capitalizing on those NASCAR brought in. So there is a group of NASCAR fans that know about nothing but NASCAR.

            3 - The IRL has to do a better job of marketing. A 100% (outside of May, which is totally different) non-Winston Cup conflicting schedule is a must. If NASCAR runs a Saturday night, the IRL must fill up the Sunday afternoon that the new race fan has open. If WC runs on the west coast, the IRL runs early. If WC runs early, the IRL needs to be on the west coast. And so on.

            4 - RPM hurts the IRL. If you tuned to RPM, and remember that it was NASCAR that launched the series and NASCAR that provides most of the viewers, you would think that CART is still a viable series and the IRL was some kind of new experiment. Mr. George must insist that his partners at the Disney Company cover the series in a fair manner.


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              NASCAR (orig. stood for North And South Carolina Automobile Racin') is to racing what the WWF is to wrestling. The rule book is in the mind of the promoter, no one can openly question the authority of the series owner and survive, and the women in the sport are just eye candy. And it just sells out venue after venue every weekend. Go figure!!

              Remember, you will never go broke under- estimating the American audience, dumb it down and sell the ad time.
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                Originally posted by hdolan:
                <STRONG>I wonder why so many on the IRL forum are so concerned about NASCAR...</STRONG>
                GOOD QUESTION.

                Only answer I can think of is, of late, much of the mainstream media assumes NASCAR is the only racing that exists. If you go to the sports sections of many major media websites, they don't list "Auto Racing" as an option to look up. They list "NASCAR," and you must go to the NASCAR page to get a link of any kind to other forms of auto racing. Why? Because NASCAR is racing to most Americans, they will tell you. Hence, they reinforce what they perceive is the stereotype. If you don't particularly care about NASCAR, too bad; NASCAR is auto racing and if you don't believe otherwise you must be old, or a freak, or a crank, or some kind of sub-cultural fanatic.

                Do true racing fans think this way? No. Does most of the national media? Yes.

                This, Mr. Dolan, is why many here are so concerned about NASCAR. It is racing, but it is not ALL racing. As you well know.
                "I didn't hear a single comment about airboxes, "carbashians", or how terrible the car looked. I did see dozens and dozens of little kids in awe of the speed and how cool the cars looked. We should learn from our children."
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                  What makes NASCAR popular is almost completely the drivers. NASCAR WC Fans usually have their favorite driver, others that they like, and others that they don't like.

                  It is like the NFL. Many NFL fans have the same feelings towards different teams. I live in the DC area. People here are "Redskin" crazy. Most hate the "Cowboys". (Dallas week is a big week around here.) Most have some kind of an opinion about the Eagles, and the Giants. Fans of teams in the division with the Bears and the Packers have similar loyalties and rivalries. College Football has similar rivalries.

                  How has NASCAR developed this type of a following. By keeping their drivers for many years. Having a race nearly every week. And continuing to have races that now have 40 and 50 year histories. (Similar in endurance to Indy in the 1950s.) Also NASCAR hasn't had to "remake itself" every few years like other series have.

                  A NASCAR race is a happening. The big enthusiastic crowds, the build-up to the race, then the start are intoxicating. Almost like an Indy 500 every week. At Dover, people will park their RV's there three weeks before the race to insure that they get a good spot. Many people, not all, but many, are hooked the first time they go just because of the general excitement of the experience.

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                    Originally posted by skypigeon:
                    Do true racing fans think this way? </STRONG>
                    Pleasd define "true racing fan".
                    DVR . . . . Life is too short to watch commercials.


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                      A "true racing fan" is a party of the second part who agrees, in toto, with the party of the first part...
                      If you do what you've always done...

                      you'll get what you've always gotten.


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                        Originally posted by hdolan:
                        <STRONG>I wonder why so many on the IRL forum are so concerned about NASCAR...</STRONG>
                        Howard, I wonder why so many on the IRL forum are intent upon bashing NASCAR. . .

                        What started out as a decent enough question became an opportunity to dump on another form of racing -- one that has brought new fans to racing. Is it the fault of NASCAR that these new fans don't take to OW racing too?
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