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wow! new F1 wing could be best innovation of the decade...or not

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  • wow! new F1 wing could be best innovation of the decade...or not



    on paper it sounds like a brilliant idea for eliminating the problem of winged cars running nose-to-tail in the corners- could it also work for NASCAR which has a serious problem with wings and air? (perhaps two 12"x12" or 18"x18" plates or wings at each rear corner of the trunk)?

    in the second link, there's already concern about losing prime ad space with the elimination of the rear wing!
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    Interesting. It looks ugly in my opinion, but if it works and becomes the norm we'll adjust our taste. It is interesting that the advertising exposure value of the traditional wings is an important rationale for not switching. I seem to remember a debate on this forum about the need for airboxes in the IRL and that the advertising space they provide is a major consideration.
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      ….However, you have two more wing end plates to advertise on now.


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        User shaking head......and I thought the 'safety crown' car was ugly....

        Cad Cam at its worst.....


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          I wonder if it ever crossed their minds to just REMOVE THE WHOLE DAMN WING.

          Really, does McLaren NEED another location for "Kimi" on the car? Does Ferrari need another location to put a white stripe?
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            I'll Vote For That!!!!!!

            [QUOTE=LorenzoBandini]I wonder if it ever crossed their minds to just REMOVE THE WHOLE DAMN WING.

            Let's find out who the REAL race drivers are.

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              ""There may be structural problems to overcome, with wings falling off, or vast turbulence created behind the cars,” Williams F1 co-owner Frank Williams told Autosport-Atlas."
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                My best solution is simply drop the front wing.

                From one side they make them slower (engine, tires), from other side they want to keep speeds up because of these high-downforce front wings.
                Get rid of them!

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                  “By introducing the CDG wing we can give motorsport fans exactly what they have asked for: wheel-to-wheel racing with much more overtaking,” Mosley stated.
                  Maybe motorsporst fans should be watching IndyCar and not F1, Mr. Mosley.
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                    No matter what they do to the cars they still need longer straightaways preceded by sweepers in order to have time to get alongside someone and really make a pass. The track designs of today are at least as much to blame as any part of the car. Chicanes in every long straight are just not conducive to overtaking another car.
                    And after looking at the airflow drawings of the old and new rear wings I can hear the cries from the drivers now, "There was too much air on my front wing when I pulled up to pass and the nose was pinned causing me to spin....the FIA needs to changes these stupid rear wing rules". No matter what the rules end up being the same guys will keep finding ways to win and the same guys will keep finding ways to lose.


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