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    If this has come up before just ignore this. Looking at the late arriving NSSN the ARCA schedule shows Kansas for July 1, in support of the IRL. It seems like this replaces the NASCAR Truck race, rather than being an addition, the Truck schedule not yet being out. It makes the Kansas package the same as Chicagoland and plays a hand in the IRL attendance since the Truck races at Kansas drew a big crowd while the ARCA races at Chicagoland are far less than full. Also raises a question about moving the Kansas IRL date in the future since it now does not match with the Truck series.
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    Z28, it was both the NCTS and ARCA the Saturday before the IRL race this year. And according to the Kansas Speedway schedule it is the same for 2006.

    I was a pleased to see how many folks stayed to see the ARCA event after the truck race this year.


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