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The official " We love John K" thread

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  • The official " We love John K" thread

    After the beating John took yesterday, let's at least let him know that we appreciate HIS efforts even if we do not agree with the PRODUCERS of his show. Admit it, it is cool and appreciated that he comes here and posts.
    "And I gladly stand up next to you And defend her still today, 'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land God Bless the U.S.A." - Lee Greenwood

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    One helping of "milk~toast" a day....

    I don't care what they say John, if the IRL qualifying sessions aren't aired, you have to raise **** for us. Tell em to make more "the more you know" commercials, too. By that I mean IRL spots.

    WC on the side.

    Secretly you do agree with us don't you? Otherwise you'd hang at NASCAR forums, Right?
    "I was riding on the Mayflower when I thought I spotted some land" ~Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

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      Very John!
      SENسR MODERATOR......

      "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
      " Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far....Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go "...T.S. Elliot....


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          Keep up the great work John and dont listen to all the whiners around here I think they are definately a minority but a vocal one. I actually like the concept of 'freedom of the press' and hopefully we wont have some IRL cronie reporting only 'positive' things about the league. Truth and honesty is the way to go, that is why Ill continue to watch your great program.


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            I truly appreciate having RPM2Night on for my viewing pleasure. I also appreciate Mr. Kernan's input on the TV and on TF. And I will gladly accept the publicity that RPM2Night gives the IRL, no matter the name or intent of the messenger. Many of us do appreciate what you do, John. Thank you.
            "If TF members were given solid gold cars, some would complain about the color." - stnkypete


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              I am not that old, but I can remember when the only TV coverage Indy Cars got outside of Indy was one or two Wide World of Sports bits. Maybe 45 minutes of racing if we were lucky.

              "We now leave the Milwaukee Mile to take you to the Ping Pong Championships in Taiwan".

              The more some people get, the harder they look for stuff to complain about.

              Keep up the good work John, and get as much IRL stuff on as you can.


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                The season better start soon.

                Some of you guys (and gals) are really starting to worry me.

                Remember, Brian's wish fundraiser, Tuesday night at Racers

                Hey JohnK, how about some coverage of that. I think people would even welcome Robin if he makes a donation


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                  With or without Robin Miller, it's still the best station for IRL coverage. Thanks for keeping us updated on what ESPN does here and on the show. Will you have a live audience at Indy on one of your shows in May this year? Maybe a fan feedback session or appreciation show might be good. Keep up the good work, John!
                  He kani 'ano 'e loa kela. Ua 'ai nui anei 'oe ma ke kakahiaka?


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                    Hey John, you like airplane shows and you're a pilot! That's with me!

                    Oh yeah, and you subject yourself to beatings here. (perhaps you should seek professional help?)

                    Seriously, I do appreciate your input, even if it isn't what I really want to hear all of the time.

                    Just when you think everything is foolproof, you find a really talented fool.


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                      John is doing a fine job for RPM2nite. When the IRL season begins I can't wait to see guests on the show. Just wish that RPM2nite lengthens the show to one hour for the racing enthusiasts.


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                        Originally posted by Matt-OTN:
                        <STRONG>Hey JohnK, how about some coverage of that. I think people would even welcome Robin if he makes a donation
                        The opportunity to give RM's kart a little love tap?

                        That's worth the 20 seconds in the sin bin, easy.


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                          Should go without saying - you're OK
                          and so's the IRL.

                          You wouldn't everyone telling you it's vfr when there's a fast moving squall passing through, would ya?

                          Will stay tuned to RPM coverage of motorsports and ignore the BS.

                          carl s
                          Indio, CA
                          Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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                            thanks for the kind thoughts.

                            about irl qualifying. it won't be televised this year. i'm sorry, but i can't do anything about it. jack arute has apparently already explained the reasoning behind the decision, and as i understand it, it was a mutual decision between ims/espn.

                            however, indy will still be covered as usual.


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                              JohnK -

                              Do you know, or can you even say, if ESPN or ESPN2 will be showing the Infiniti Pro Series Races?


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