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Poll: which oval race do you wish could return in a perfect world?

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  • Poll: which oval race do you wish could return in a perfect world?

    Title says it all basically. Which of these oval tracks do you wish could return in a perfect world?

    I agree that most all have a slim to none chance of ever returning, so let's not argue about that stuff . I have just been watching old Indycar races this offseason to get by and got me thinking of some great ovals we no longer go to.

    I have set it up so you can vote for multiple if you want to.
    New Hampshire
    Pikes Peak
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    Old Milwaukee/Michigan races are my favorite non-Indy off-season viewing, those were my votes.
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      I love a mile oval Indycar race. I also like a 2 mile oval Indycar race. I still like Pocono and Homestead. Kentucky? Meh.

      If I had to pick just one I'd go with Milwaukee, and work to create synergy with the RA crowd.
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        Pocono because it's as close as I get to a home race.
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          You forgot Nashville!
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            I'm always going to prefer road/street courses, but feel like IndyCar should be at Milwaukee.


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              Milwaukee is the #1, and NOT required to be the week after Indy nor during the state fair. I mean those two get harped on and since it's been 20 or SF wise 40 years since that was the case and very few fans still in existence really remember either, it needs to be buried once and for all.

              In a nearly perfect world this would be the place to stage a NASCAR Cup/IndyCar double header. Since it would be a track rental they could co promote the weekend. No real need to bring in lights to run at night. The schedule could be IndyCar Thursday practice and qualifying, because face it, very few but the die hard club (Me) would even be there on Saturday anyway. Friday Cup practice and qualifying. Now who runs Saturday and Sunday could alternate year to year but more than likely be dictated by TV. If FOX has NASCAR at that point in the season or they're both on NBC then the open TV slots determine who goes where.

              On a different weekend to double up on marketing and fully utilize the promotional staff NASCAR could run a Truck/Xfinity weekend with Indy Lights filling the bill on Sunday to make the day longer.

              Now in a perfect world Milwaukee could provide a blueprint for racing going forward. If NASCAR and IndyCar formed a partnership they could buy the West Allis site, and the state fairgrounds could relocate to a more modern layout. That partnership could then expand to Iowa and maybe Chicagoland. This allows NASCAR to reduce their investment in some of the tracks they currently own but would return to. For IndyCar it gives them control over more venues on their schedule, not just IMS, so that they aren't as dependent on independent promoters to have such a big hand in promoting their series. Since we're going for perfect either NASCAR or IndyCar could partner with race teams to buy those or other permanent facilities. This would give teams like Hendrick, Gibbs, Childress, Roush/FenwayKeselowski and SHR the chance to have a larger stake in the sport, the same way Brad is taking a team ownership stake. Teams could make bigger deals with sponsors for a dozen races plus race title sponsorship at their track. This would also give IndyCar more partners, more venue options and a new revenue source.
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                If Indycar wants to add ovals, my opinion is to have tracks that are various lengths

                we have Indy at 2.5, Texas at 1.5, Gateway at 1.25, Iowa at 7/8ths. How about a 1 miler and a 2 miler. Pick the best markets for attendance, fan experience, history, nostalgia, schedule gaps.

                MIS and Milwaukee and /or Phoenix?
                Or add a place like Homestead…a lower banked 1.5


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                  Originally posted by 1987Carzan View Post
                  Old Milwaukee/Michigan races are my favorite non-Indy off-season viewing, those were my votes.


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                    I voted Milwaukee because it is a classic Indycar track but I would really like to see them go back to another 500 mile race at MIS.


                    • #11
                      I really enjoyed the Rio Roval.

                      And my 2nd choice would be Michigan International Speedway.


                      • #12
                        I should have added an "other" option.

                        Rio, Nashville, Chicagoland, Kanas... etc, I personally didn't enjoy those, but others might or did.
                        RHR: "I'm a proud American boy right now!" -2014 Indy 500 Victory Lane


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                          All of them
                          RIP Dan Wheldon :(

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                            What made me specifically open this thread is that last night I watched the 2000 Michigan 500, between Montoya and Andretti and it really got me missing that track. I then thought of some other great ovals that I like to rewatch, and came up with this list.

                            I really really wish there was a way we could return to MIS, I think this car would put on a great show.

                            I wish there was a way we could return to all of the tracks listed in the poll, but we don't live in a perfect world.
                            RHR: "I'm a proud American boy right now!" -2014 Indy 500 Victory Lane


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                              I said Michigan because we need another superspeedway and it's closer to the core of the Indycar oval fanbase. MIS was usually a great race and we need the big tracks. It's also a potential track for a cup double header. Fontana just has too many potential negatives (lack of interest, heat, wildfires, location, lack of interest) anymore and frankly, it's not gonna exist as we know it much longer, if at all.

                              My second would be Kentucky. Again, it's location is a day trip for probably close to 50% of the dedicated Indycar oval fanbase, close to the home base for teams, provided the kind of racing that same fanbase always enjoyed and it doesn't have a CUP race and Indy lights wouldn't get lost on track..

                              Pocono- because it's a superspeedway and the closest (viable oval) track to me. Indycars belong on big ovals. period.

                              Milwaukee- always enjoyed Milwaukee but I think there's more keeping people away than poor promotion and management. Good track for Lights

                              Richmond- We need an east coast, middle-atlantic event. good track for Lights.

                              Kansas- location location location. smack dab in da middle, close to KC, the best all around BBQ in the country, and enough around it for people to do when the track is dark. it's also suitable for Indy Lights.

                              Homestead. I still don't believe ICS will ever pull a good crowd at Homestead but it's location makes it a candidate for an early or late season race when it's cold and dreary pretty much everywhere else.


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